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Your glazing an important part of your home, as such you want to make sure you look after it. Maintaining their operation takes very little time but it is vital that you do it regularly.

Take a look at the simple steps below to keep your windows and doors in the best condition you can.

Keep them clean

When cleaning the glass, ensure where possible that the solution does not run onto the frame too much. Washing up liquid is not recommended when cleaning the powder coated aluminium frames, use a soap to make a soapy solution.

Ensure your products are free of dust, grime or anything which could compromise their movement. Use a small cloth to clean in the gaps and vacuum (with a cleaning nozzle) out the track weekly/ monthly, a build-up could affect the doors operation.

Also, do not forget to remove all jewelry, rings and watches while cleaning as they can easily leave scratches. Is it s good idea when you are cleaning the glass in your doors to make sure to take a look at the moving and working parts too. 

Check the hardware

Although many of our doors are maintenance free it is wise to make regular checks of your hardware. This includes; handles, hinges and screws. It only takes a moment, but checking none of these have come loose can prevent damage and make sure the smooth running of your door is not affected in any way.

With some doors, it is advised that you lubricate the tracks and mechanisms with a silicon spray. If you feel this is needed, focus on the area where the wheel and guide disks connect with the tracks to ensure smooth running. 

Look after the frames

Your bifold door frames should be cleaned regularly, in most cases all they need is a wipe down, for the more stubborn stains – wash a little soapy water and lather them down for the perfect finish!

If there are any stubborn stains that will not shift with washing, try using an ink rubber to lift the mark. You will know immediately if it is going to work, so do not keep scrubbing away if you can not see an initial change. 

As long as your doors are not abused, they will last a lifetime. Bifold doors will be subjected to a lot of use over their lifetime, which should not affect their longevity. Any maintenance issues that may arise will be very minor and easily rectified. 

Clean your doors regularly and you will continue to benefit from your beautiful bifold doors! If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

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