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We all love how clear and clean our windows and doors are upon installation, so we want to try and help you keep them as clean as the day they were installed.

Pro tip: Clean your windows on a dull day as the sun can dry the glass too quickly leaving smears. 



1. Clear the area around your windows – you do not want to get any cleaning fluids on your window dressings or furniture. 

2. Wipe down the glass, clearing away any build up or loose dust. this will ensure you don’t spread dirt around when you start to clean.

3. Brush down the frame and cill, don’t forget to also wipe the hinges and handles too. 

4. Put a towel or newspaper on your internal window boards to collect any excess liquid, a build up of liquid can damage the wood or surrounding plaster. 

5. Spray the glass with glass cleaner. Using s soft sponge rub away any dirt, it is best to wipe the glass in a circular motion moving across the entire surface.

6. Dry the glass with a squeegee as quickly as you can, start from the top corner and make singular strokes downwards. Alternatively use a tissue which will not leave any fibers behind.

7. Wipe the glass with a dry cloth, you can then buff the glass with scrunched up newspaper or a dry microfiber cloth, this will make any remaining streaks disappear.

8. Lastly, wipe down the glazing bead (edges of the glass) to eliminate any extra cleaning fluid. And your glass will gleam!

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