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1. Time to get started! Insert the key into the lead door (which opens first) turn it 360 degrees.

Tip: Always remove the key from the lock to prevent damage occurring to the lock and other doors.
Tip: The lead door is always the first door to open and the last to close.



2. Open the unlocked door and fold it back onto the magnetic keep/ clip on the adjacent door to prevent the lead door damaging any of the other doors or the frame.

Tip: The lead door must stay attached to the magnetic keep/ clip when the doors are open or in operation.



3. To open the remaining doors; rotate the slave handle 180 degrees (origin Solarlux) 90 degrees (Schuco) to release the shoot bolt, gently push on the frame above the D handle until the doors open fully, keep an eye on the lead door and make sure it stays against the magnetic keep/ clip. (If your door opens in gently pull on the slave handle to unlock the shoot bolt and guide the doors to meet each other into the fully open position.)

Tip: Neither the slave or lead handles should be used to pull the doors along the track or into the closed position.



4. To close the doors place your hand between the two doors closet to the frame and guide along the track, pull the D handle to close the doors and lock using the slave handle, turning back degrees. Repeat until all doors except the lead door are closed. (If your doors open in, push the frame until the doors are shut and rotate the slave handle to lock.)



5. Using the lead door handle pull the door from the magnetic keep and close. Turn the key 360 degrees to lock – and you are set!

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