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Another of our high-end products, Centor bifold doors, are unique in their construction, design and styling, enhancing your home with luxurious bifold doors in a choice of materials, colours and designs.

All Centor bifold doors are crafted differently from other doors with a focus on symmetrical design, concealed hardware and fewer distractions in the bifold door design. Centor bifold doors are also unique in having their own integrated shading and flyscreen system, keeping the styling neat whilst offering added features and functionality.

Suitable for general door replacements and, of course, for new extensions, Centor bifold doors have a unique manufacturing process.  Other doors are painted first, then cut, machined and assembled. Centor doors are assembled first and then painted, ensuring the paint finish is as flawless as possible, even at every joint and cut.

Whether you choose all aluminium or a combination of aluminium outside and wood inside, every door is designed around framing your view.

Available as bifold doors with matching French or single doors, Centor products are crafted in the UK. HBD Systems are approved Centor distributors, expertly trained in installing these high-end doors.


Centor bifold doors – the luxury choice

Highly insulated aluminium profiles with a tactile surface finish in powder-coated aluminium with a choice of woods inside comprising high quality European Oak in a choice of clear, painted or stained finishes, combines with high-performance glass units.

Centor is renowned across the world for manufacturing designer hardware for doors and the same know-how and luxury come as standard with your new folding sliding door.  Hinges, locks, rollers and other components are all designed and made by the company, with the added benefit of being hidden from view, adding to the sleek lines.  Operating a Centor bifold is a joy, with a unique way to unlock and open your doors.

Designed to give a long lifespan and incredible durability, Centor bifold doors are built to endure, rigorously tested in extreme environments and promise years of reliability. The optional screening systems are discreetly integrated into the surrounding frame. These provide shade from the sun and privacy, meaning you often don’t need to consider after-market curtains or blinds.  There’s also a flyscreen option letting you enjoy your open doors on summer days whilst keeping insects out.  And both shading and flyscreens come with impact testing.

Centor bifold door specifications

Your new Centor bifolding doors come with the best locking systems, operated by their distinctive brushed premium satin stainless steel handles. All fixings are hidden and inaccessible, adding an extra layer of security to the locking systems, hinges and handles.

Whether you choose a folding door or a matching single or French doors, Centor doors go up to 1000mm wide and up to 2.8m high, creating large span doors with bigger glass panels, more light and better views.

U-Values are equally impressive, surpassing current Building Regulations, depending on the glass specification and bifold model you choose.

Discover Centor bifold doors excellence in the HBD Showroom

Centor bifold doors deliver an altogether different visual and functional experience whilst providing the light, space and connection to the outside space you want from your new bifold doors. You can view these luxurious and innovative bifold doors in our showroom. 


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