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HBD Systems always want to make sure our clients have all of the information they need, the bifold and sliding door industry can be a bit of a minefield. Lucky our directors have given some good tips on the do’s and don’ts when choosing bifolds or sliding doors.


Things to do when choosing bifolds or sliding doors


View the door in the flesh

A bifold door is a big purchase and you don’t want to be disappointed with your door when it is installed. The best thing to do is to visit a showroom and view the doors in person. This way you can see how they work, how easy they are to operate. You can also choose the furniture knowing your will not be surprised upon installation.

Ask about the guarantees included 

Every manufacturer and installation company offer different guarantees with their products. For example we offer a 10 year guarantee on parts and labour to give you the peace of mind. If anything happened which was a result of our installation or product like adjustments, we will pop and do these for free. Keep all of your invoices and guarantees in a safe place for the future so you find them if they are needed.


Make sure the doors pass all current building regulations

Building regulations are constantly changing, the supplier/ installer you have chosen will inform you if the doors you have chosen meet all of the current regulations. Also the staff should be able to source certification to keep on hand with your invoices and guarantees if the question were to ever arise.


Ask to see customer reviews

Don’t just take their word for it – Reputable companies will have a number of reviews which you are able to access. Reviews give you a true representation of the company, this will help you when choosing bifolds or sliding doors. For example we are on Check-a-trade and have previous customer reviews on our website for new clients to view.


Don’t over crowd the opening

You may be tempted to have lots of door panels in a small space, occasionally plans will also show lots of doors e.g. 6 door panes in a 4m opening. Listen to the staff if they suggest changing your configuration to include less panels. You will receive their expert knowledge to ensure you have less frame and more glass in your opening. Majority of the bifold doors we supply go up to 1.2m wide, keep this in mind when designing your doors.

Make sure your supplier knows and understands how to set threshold levels

This is one of the most important parts of your installation! It is imperative your doors are set to the right height, this affects the ‘step’ you have between your inside and outside flooring. Unless specified our doors are manufactured with a standard threshold, this has an estimated 15mm upstand. The door closes against the upstand ensuring it is weather tight and meets current building regulations. When our surveyor visits site you need know know what you are planning to do with the flooring. This includes the exact height of  internal flooring. With this information the surveyor calculates the door’s height giving you an almost flush threshold between the two surfaces.


Things not to do when choosing bifolds or sliding doors


Do not purchase a door based on its price alone

With bifold doors you truly get what you pay for, do not buy a bifold door based on the low price! Do your research and make sure you have chosen the door that is right for your needs.


Avoid paying the whole balance until the door is installed

We recommend avoiding companies that ask for the whole balance payment before your doors have been installed. Majority will ask for a deposit or interim payment and leave an amount until after installation. When your doors have been installed final balance will be due, paying this will release all of your guarantees. If there is any outstanding finishing or remedial work this will then be covered within these guarantees.


Do not forget top and bottom hung doors are both as good as each other

Do not get swayed by sales people telling you that top or bottom hung doors are better than the other. We sell both top and bottom hung doors, remember different systems have different designs.


If there is one thing you need to remember its…


Buy from a specialist

We have all heard stories of cowboy builders installing products which are not fit for purpose. Choosing a reputable company will limit your risk of getting left in the lurch with future remedial work. When you from a reputable specialist glazing company you know you can rely on them both now and into the future.


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