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We all know it is easy to be led by price when it comes to making a big purchase like bifold doors. When you have a large project going on budgets may be tight, but there are a few things you should take into consideration when you make your purchase. HBD Systems want to make sure everyone makes the right decision when choosing between budget doors vs accredited installers.




If you are shopping around to find the cheapest quote make sure that the different companies are pricing for the same specification. You may find the cheaper company is offering a lesser product to the more expensive company. These products will be installed in your home for the next 10-30 years, you want to make sure they will stand the test of time.

Any reputable company will give you a quotation which will tell you the specification, colours, opening directions and gasket/ qlon choices which have been priced. Things like stainless steel handles may make a difference as big as £200 between the two quotations. You should be able to take one companies quotation to the other and make sure they are like for like.

Give both companies a chance to match the quotation. They may not advertise it but many companies will be happy to see what they can do to match a quote for you. This could include speaking to their manufacturers to try and push a special discount for you. A lot of companies will have good relationships with their manufacturers enabling them to go the extra mile for you.




Not all companies will be accredited installers of each product they supply. Ensure the company you choose has all of the accreditation to install the doors. For example our installers have been to numerous training days at our manufacturers and their own installers and engineers. They have shared all of their knowledge about the product, including all of the hints and tips to provide the best installation possible.

You will find there a lot of ‘man in a van’ installers who are available to install your products at short notice. Ensure you check their training, you do not want to be chasing a cowboy builder or installer when you have an issue with your doors or windows.

Also you will need to check they are FENSA registered. A company like ours is able to self certificate our installations ensuring we meet current building regulations. An individual installer should hold a card to say they are FENSA registered and they will be able to register your installation. A little tip, FENSA only applies to changing existing products and new openings and extensions will still require building control.




We all want peace of mind when we are making an important purchase, and I think you would agree windows and doors are a big purchase for anyone. You want to choose products with high security, quality materials and that will look great in your home.

Ensure the builder, installer or company who fit your products have a guarantee which you can see either on their website on in a letter. A reputable installer will guarantee your products for a number of years as well as being your contact for the manufacturers guarantee. If your new building settles and this requires the door to be adjusted you want to be able to contact someone and be at ease in the fact they will return in a timely fashion to sort this for you.

With HBD Systems we are your port of call for any faulty products and will take the hassle out of replacement parts from the manufacturer if they are within their guarantee. Even if products are outside of their guarantee we are happy to source a chargeable replacement for you and will not leave you in the lurch. We also offer a 10 year guarantee on our labour, so if your bifold door or window needs adjusting within this time we will come over and do this Free of charge.



We have done a lot of research on our customers behalves to find the best manufacturers for you and have trained our teams to give you the best installation and service we can. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call 01727 845600 or email and we will do our best to help you to make the right decision. Also take a look at our ‘Importance of a Showroom visit’ as this may be something some suppliers are not able to offer for you.

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