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Work within your budget

Every client has budgets and different dreams for what they would like. If you have an idea of your budget before you start speaking to salespeople they will be able to tailor your quotation. Whether you have a large or a tighter budget, we can work with you to ensure choosing new windows does not breaking the bank.


Know what you are looking for

Try to do a little research before hand into the kind of designs you are looking for. Some people are looking to match existing windows, others are looking for a new contemporary feel. Help us to point you in the right direction.


Think about what material benefits you

This can be a little difficult to decide on, to help we have reviewed some window materials and manufacturers for you here. Every home requires something different, some timber, some UPVC and others aluminium. If you are in a conservation area you will need to match your existing traditional windows.


Use a reputable company

This is the most important tip, because if you choose right here they can help you with all of the other aspects involved with choosing new windows. As we have previously said about bifold doors do not go with a company purely on price. Make sure they have customer reviews they can show you or are registered on sites such as checkatrade. Here you will see what previous customers think of your chosen company. Also find out what guarantees are included and their payment policy before go ahead – ours guarantee information can be found here.

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You are welcome to drop into our Hertfordshire showroom and speak to a member of staff at your own convenience or call us on 01727 845600.