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Whether you’re in an older home or new home, condensation is normal on both the inside and outside of your glass. In winter condensation is more common and due to the high efficiency of your glass units. It is not however normal for there to be condensation between the two panes of your unit. If this is the case the units have likely failed. 

External Condensation


The government has set out strict guidelines on how efficiently newly installed windows and glass units need to be.

The more efficient your windows, the warmer your home will be. In turn lowering your bills and helping the environment as you will be using less energy.

With these new units ensure less heat is lost through your windows – this means the outer pane of glass is cooler. When the surface if the glass is cold the air reacts with the cold temperature creating moisture on the outside of the glass. 

This will naturally clear as the day warms up, and is nothing to worry about. Your glass is doing its job.

Internal condensation


Having condensation on the inside of windows can not only be annoying but pool and cause damp patches or mold. This happens in a very similar way to when it is on the outside of your glass. 

Water vapor is created within your home daily during tasks such as showring, drying clothes and even breathing. When this warm air meets your cold glass it turns into liquid, creating condensation. 

The best way to deal with internal condensation is to ventilate your home well. Open your windows when you cook, shower or bath and when you are drying your laundry. It is unlikely that internal condensation means there is anything wrong with your glass. 


If condensation is between your glass units where you can not get to it this generally means your glass unit is not working properly. This is generally when the seal between the units has broken down. When this happens your glass will need replacing, if glass is within its 5 year guarantee the manufacturer will do this free of charge and if ourside of this period it will be chargeable. 

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