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Many people do not think of their glazing as being part of their home interior, but we are seeing more and more how your glazing can drastically affect the feel of your room.

Recently Home building & Renovating published a brilliant article featuring ’15 Contemporary Kitchens‘. When you look through the article you will notice that each of these stunning kitchens were married with unique glazing solutions, all of which bring extra style to their kitchens.

Our team have picked out some of the ways they think windows, doors and rooflights can transform and enhance your kitchen.


Picture windows


It is easy to forget what a wonderful place the outside world is, but not to fear, these picture windows bring the outside back in! After all, who needs to hang a picture when you can frame your outside view!

As with the top image there is the possibility to plaster over the frames of the windows to ‘hide’ the frame. We understand some extra work may have to go into making some of these solutions work, but that is why we are here, to take away the strain. Our team can deal directly with your contractor, designer or architect.

Our slim line ALUK or Origin windows would both be ideal for this style!




There is no better way to light up your room than with natural daylight, and roof lights and lanterns are perfect for the job.

Rooflights are a great stand alone product but also pair well with other products, both of these images also show bifold doors. If you look closely in the image above you can also see the unique top light windows above the bifold doors.

There are a range of rooflights, lanterns, pyramids and may more available! No matter the space you have there will be a solution available to make sure you get the sunlight you desire.


Internal Windows


Changing your glazing can be a big expense so we thought we would throw in a more economical glazing idea to enhance your kitchen – Internal Windows. Have you found yourself with a partition wall or wall between rooms which looks a little drab and feels like it is in the way or blocks the light?

Well these internal window idea can eliminate that! Not only will this make a unique feature everyone will love but the opening will allow natural light to flood through the opening. (You will notice we love natural light, the more the better!).

Don’t forget…Always check if the wall is a supporting or non supporting wall before you start any work! If the wall is supporting you will need to install a lintel before the window.


Sliding doors


Sliding doors have come back with a bang! They are more popular than ever now the engineering has developed and enabled the doors to be made much larger than in previous years.

Similar to the picture windows these sliding doors make the natural outside world the focal point of your room. They also allow you to open the doors for indoor outdoor living.

Sightlines have always been important with any door, you will be happy to know we are able to offer a 20mm sightline from both AIR and Origin!


Industrial Windows


I have spoken in a previous post about our love of the industrial styling that is sweeping through homes across the world. This post is going to be no different, we still love the crittal style windows just as much in 2018 as we did in 2017! So much so if you visit our showroom in a few months time our entrance way doors will be changed to a beautiful set of Heritage 47 doors just like the photo below.

There is a lot of flexibility as to where you get your bars within this system to make your windows and doors suit your taste.

The industrial style will not fit with every home, but if it goes with your decor it is definitely one to think about. Remember as mentioned above, this style also looks great as an internal window.

Not only is this system a contemporary take on a traditional window, but it incorporates a much sought after thermal break!


Bifold Windows


The idea of a bifold door gives you endless possibilities! The most exciting of them all is the prospect of opening up your window to an outside breakfast bar as you can see below.

Picture cooking a meal and being able to serve it to family and friends through the window – Now thats a party trick!

Although we love this idea we have found it hard to source a bifold door window we believe in. As such we have opted to offer our customers smaller bifold doors which give the look while also being extremely secure, thermally efficient and robust. If you were to go for this option we would be able to choose from the Origin or Solarlux range.


Windows under cabinets


This design has caught our eye because of its unique use of space. A lot of the time when designing a kitchen you have to choose between putting cabinets on a wall or a window, more often then not you may find yourself with a window in the middle of a wall taking up space and cabinets either side.

But rest assured there is no need to look any further for a contemporary, sleek and stunning alternative.

Below you can even see where this room has been designed to allow for windows above the cabinets too! I am sure you will agree, this looks great. I have never known a kitchen to make you feel more like you are surrounded with nature.

I know I would love to be able to do this in my home and feel like I was cooking dinner in the outdoors! There are a number of windows you could achieve this with. As with the picture windows at the start I would say that our slimline ALUK or Origin windows would both be a good fit for this style. Remember we can ‘hide’ the frames to allow there to be as little as possible between the glass and cabinets.


Bifold Doors


Bifold doors still remain as one of the most popular products to install into your kitchen or dining areas to bring a modern touch. Although this article is aimed at contemporary kitchens do not forget that bifold doors and many of our other products can be tailored to to also suit a traditional style.

Above and below you will see cornerless bifold doors. This allows you to open up your room completely!! I know… Amazing! If you can think how great it would be to open a bifold window to the outside think of that it would be like to have 2 walls fold right back. Cornerless bifold doors (or sliding doors) require more steel work than with a traditional bifold or slider but this by no means makes them out of reach. Your architect or contractor will be able to give you more information on how to make this idea a reality. As I always say, also do not forget we are here to give you advice and help as much as we can with any of your design and construction queries.

Below is one of our own installations, you can see just how well bifold doors and roof lights go together! Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by views of the outside. Although most people would not put furniture in front of a bifold door you can see here it works well as their lead door is still easily accessible.

We have a number of bifold doors in our range. Have a look at all of them on our website here.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about any of our products, these kitchen ideas or how we can make your ideas become a reality please do not hesitate to contact us! Remember – We have used other companies images that inspire us along with our own installation images.

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