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Make a design statement with our bespoke-made frameless oriel and box windows. A contemporary style statement, making the most of glass, with only the essential and bare minimum of frame.

Seamless glass joints, maximum transparency, a unique style and a talking point in any home. Every one of our frameless oriel and box windows is made to order to your precise sizes, design and glass specification.

We can customise an existing underused window opening to create a functional window seat designed to let you relax whilst looking out through the window.  Frameless oriel and box windows are also easy to integrate into your new extension at small or large sizes.

Made using a bespoke slimline frame and the latest bonded glass technology, our frameless oriel and box windows all have the best quality safety glass.  

Whatever the size or design, our frameless oriel and box windows are professionally installed by us and come with a quality guarantee on the glass, the frame and overall installation.


Frameless box windows – maximum transparency, light and space

The best in modern glass with no compromise on safety, comfort or insulation, your new frameless oriel and box windows come with a premium quality aluminium surround frame.  Depending on the installation, the frame can be visible or partially hidden, making the most of the glass.

Glass units are available as laminated or toughened, with options for solar tinting, acoustic glass or enhanced insulation.  The minimalist appearance never compromises on quality, with a fully insulated window providing a desirable outdoor feeling.

We can also custom-design a fully framed version, should you prefer the bolder look of the surrounding frame.  We use an insulated aluminium profile, protected with a durable powder-coated finish in your choice of colour.

Frameless oriel and box windows specifications

The structurally bonded nature of box and oriel windows means little or no supporting framework, helping retain the clean lines.  Despite the advanced nature of these all-glass corner or angled windows, installation is simple, with minimal disruption to your home or overall building project.

Depending on the size and design of your window, the glass is designed to provide structural strength.  The design of frameless oriel and box windows is unique to you. As a result, there are further options for having a more prominent window base, giving a different look altogether.

The only limit to a frameless box window is your imagination and the technical limitations of the glass.


Visit the HBD Showroom and view our extensive range of contemporary windows.

The HBD Showroom welcomes you with one of our frameless oriel and box windows showcasing what is possible with glass. Part of our extensive HBD Systems range of contemporary windows, including Schuco, Origin, Aluk and Sunflex.


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