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Icon Loft internal doors deliver the true steel style, hand-welded, beautifully crafted and designed to last a lifetime.  Minimal frames and maximum glass create unique internal doors, letting light flow to make your home feel brighter and larger.

Available as single or double doors with optional side panels, there is nothing better for the industrial, Art-Deco or heritage style to divide your rooms and create stunning home interiors.

Top-of-the-line design, premium materials and quality glass work harmoniously together.  The design of our hinged steel internal doors comes in more than 15 different combinations, with a choice of glazing bars, feature steel handle plates, deep bottom rails, or bespoke designs. 

The floating lock design, only available with steel doors, looks like the handle floating and blends into the glass line, creating a contemporary look that is seamless and balanced.

HBD Systems are approved installers of Icon Loft steel internal doors, screens and partitions.


Steel hinged internal doors – refined elegance meets modern design

Whether you choose a single or double door, HBD Systems’ Icon Loft internal doors create a  spectacular new room. Ultra-slim, lightweight frames from the finest steel promise you doors designed to look incredible and last for many decades, with a timeless look and feel.

There is no slimmer internal door than a steel door; ours are among the thinnest on the market. Each door is completely bespoke, whether you choose the classic industrial style or a bolder look with more glass panels, deep bottom rails or steel panels, creating a thicker door style at the bottom of the door set.

The bespoke steel look takes inspiration from classic metal doors, made even better with today’s advanced manufacturing, premium coatings and high quality safety glass.

Steel internal doors specifications

The benefit of steel for your internal doors is its superior strength with reduced visible frames.  Doors are available up to an impressive three metres in height, with larger doors possible, depending on the overall design.

Our doors give you the best possible experience inside your home, available with or without a latching facility and with eight handle designs in a choice of finishes.  For doors without a latching facility, we also offer a beautiful range of straight, cranked, L-shape and offset pull handles, and our latching doors come with luxurious lever handles in smooth, knurled and textured finishes.

Safety glass is standard throughout in a choice of clear or patterned designs.

Discover Icon Loft Internal doors by HBD Systems.

Available in a comprehensive range of colours, glass options and configurations, our bespoke steel internal doors add a touch of quality and luxury. You can view our entire internal doors collection in our St. Albans showroom and discuss your project requirements with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.


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