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From start to order


Tell us your project and contact details. Staff will be able to answer any questions you have on the phone


Send us your project and contact details. You will receive brochures and product detail in return


TLook at products, talk to staff and leave us with your project and Contact Details

Receive a fully comprehensive bespoke quotation via email

I am ready to go ahead

Place your 50% deposit via Bank transfer, Debit or Credit card or Cheque. At this point your survey appointment will also be arranged and confirmed via email. You will find a copy of the confirmation you will receive overleaf

I am not ready to go ahead just yet

Visit us, call us and email us to ensure you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision. We are here to help!

Your survey then takes place. When our surveyor visits please make sure you have all of the information you need and your opening is ready, more information on this is given upon your appointment, and a copy is attached within this information pack. The surveyor will be able to answer any final questions you have about the products or installation.

Our surveyor will put together an order confirmation for you to check and sign. Please be aware you are responsible for all details other than the sizes and that nothing is ordered until we have received this back. Here our surveyor will also confirm your installation date if you have not already arranged it. you will also receive your pre-installation checklist to send back signed to let us know you have noted what is required for your installation to take place.

When we have your signed confirmation we will order your products ready for installation. you will hear from us again the week of your installation! By all means call us if you have any questions.

From order to installation

You will receive a call from our installation manager in the week before your install to confirm everything is on track and running smoothly. They will also be able to remind you of what we need prepared for your installation to be as quick and easy as possible.

INSTALLATION DAY: Our team will arrive in the morning (unless stated otherwise), they leave our showroom around 8.30am and will be with you shortly afterwards depending on distance.

The team will introduce themselves and explain where and how the installation will take place during the day.

And we are off! The installers will protect the surrounding area and begin. Each product is treated as an individual project during installation and they will each be started and completed one by one with any necessary finishing off to be done at the end. Please check holy are happy with the finish as/when and the installers will move on. We aim to finish in the time specified but if there is any outstanding work this is included in our 10 year guarantee and will be finished as soon as deemed possible.

Are you having alterations to your property?   Our team will bring dust sheets but please ensure you have moved all items from the surrounding areas. We hope there will be minimal disruption but would not want anything to get damaged!

Before pulling away from site our installers will give a full and comprehensive demonstration of how the products work as well as leaving you with all of the keys and an aftercare pack. At this time you will be asked to sign off your installation, this will require someone being present to check over products, if you are unable to make it please make sure there is a representative on your behalf

Now your installation is complete!


From installation to invoicing

After your installation is complete our installations manager will then email you with the details of your final balance which is then due.

If you have any outstanding work your balance should still be paid now as all work is covered under our guarantee. We are unable to FENSA register your installation, send your invoice or guarantee paperwork until your balance has been paid in full.

When you have paid your final balance the staff will pass your paperwork onto the accounts department.

Here your invoice is drawn up and your installation will be registered with FENSA.

You will then receive your invoice and refer a friend voucher in the post. Please note your FENSA certificate comes directly from the FENSA governing body and can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. Please keep all of your paperwork safe, this may be required if you need any further aftercare for your products.

If you have an Origin product please do not forget to register this on their website at you will be asked to enter your serial number to activate their manufacturer’s guarantee.

We love to hear from you and see your completed installations, please send us your photos and leave us a review on our Check-a-trade or Facebook page – Thank you

Enjoy your installation

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We are extremely proud of our award winning showroom and would like to invite you to visit. Whether you have a build in motion or are simply doing some research we would love the opportunity to share our knowledge and skills with you. There is no need to book an appointment, simply pop in at your convenience. Find our opening times here

Our sales team are also available by both phone and email. All the team at HBD will be happy to hear from you!

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