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  1. To open the sash unlock the door and  turn the door handle 180 degrees so it points downwards, this is the sliding position, the door will be raised by several millimetres making it easier to slide open
    Tip: You can turn the handle 180 degrees to drop the door when partially open for ventilation or fully open to stop the doors being slid back across.
  2. To close the door slide it back shut, and turn the handle back 180 degrees to point upwards. This will then lower the doors and allow you to lock the doors.




  • Dirt and sand may collect in the bottom track of your lift and slide door. Be sure to clean out the track monthly, the hoover attachment will be able to pick up any dirt or dust which would obstruct the movement of your doors.
  • Check the drainage holes in the track to make sure they are not blocked and are in full working order.


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