Origin bifold doors are built to last allowing you to enjoy your doors without needing the time for complicated maintenance. As such Origin offer a 20-year manufacturing guarantee on their bifold doors and running gear. 

Origin doors have worked hard to have very competitive thermal efficiency. The certified U-Value of 1.3 w/m2k ensured the doors surpass the British regulations by 27% keeping the cool out and the heat in during the winter months and the cool in and heat out during the summer months. The OB49 bifold door boasts U-values up to 1.2 w/m2k. 

With family in mind, Origin have developed a “finger safe” gasket which sits between each door panel ensuring even when the doors are completely closed there is no room for little fingers to get caught. This alongside the hidden running gear contributes to a unique combination of safety features.

There are endless possibilities for configurations including a unique moving corner post allowing for a cornerless bifold door. This variation allows you to open up the entire corning of your room to the outside.

Differences between OB49 and OB72

The key differences between the OB49 and the OB72 are the sightlines they achieve. Both offer a modern take on the traditional bifold door system through the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. OB49 has a 49mm sightline compared to the OB72mm sightline, also as you can see above the U-value can go lower with the OB49 door. Both doors allow for the same colours, furniture and thresholds to be used. 




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