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We like all of our staff to feel confident with each and every manufacturer we supply and install. As such we like to take them all to visit these manufactures. This enables them to make their own personal relationships within the companies supplying us and gain vital knowledge they could not gather in any other way.

On all of our visits nothing is taken more important than Health & Safety, Origin are exceptionally good at making sure their staff and visitors are safe at all times. At Origin the stock profile is kept in the factory so it was be easily accessed, these are the colours they use the most of throughout the day.

This outer profile is then machine cut to the correct size before the doors are hand assembled. As you can see there are two sides of the cutting, one the frame will go down and one the doors.

When the profiles have been cut the doors are crimped together before beginning their journey down the assembly line. At each station the trained staff add another element; handles, gaskets, hinges etc. Each lead door has a separate journey to the right here where you can see the 8 point locking system being fitted.

All of the doors are carefully stored ready for delivery across the UK!!

As usual, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit and learnt a lot about Origin and how they manufacture.

Thank you for having us!

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