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One of the slimmest aluminium windows on the market, Origin OW-70 windows comprise super-slim sightlines with great looks.  A pleasing flush look on the outside and elegant step on the inside creates stylish thin profile windows designed to enhance any property type.

Despite their slimline proportions, Origin OW-70 windows have excellent security, energy efficiency and sealing. In addition, a high-performance aluminium window gives you lovely picture-frame views from any room in your home.

Perfect for general window replacements and in your new building project, Origin OW-70 windows are premium aluminium casement windows with high-grade profiles, superb hardware, excellent security and energy-saving properties.

Made in the UK, Origin OW-70 windows provide the best modern style yet offer the traditional aesthetic when you need it, with applied bars, giving the desirable steel look and grid-like pattern of heritage windows. Infinitely customisable, window styles are available as side or top opening casements, fixed picture windows, or a combination of fixed and opening elements.

Available in a vast array of colours, Origin OW-70 windows create stylish new windows designed to keep your home safe and secure and lower your energy bills—beautifully crafted new windows with up to 20-year manufacturer guarantee.


Origin OW-70 windows – practical, stylish, bespoke 

The bespoke nature of Origin OW-70 windows ensures you get exactly the right look and feel for your home.  A choice of fixed or opening elements includes a choice of two options for the internal glazing beads.  Choose the square option for a more modern inside style or the chamfered design that takes inspiration from classically styled windows.

A choice of 150 RAL colour, with the option of a different colour inside and out, ensures Origin OW-70 windows meet your desired taste, blend with your house style or contrast with it. The slim and sleek inline window handles are a perfect finishing touch sitting in line with the frame. Or, if you prefer offset window handles, these are also available. Choose from grey, black, silver and metal finishes. You can also colour-match the window handles to your chosen frame colour – another option that is exclusive to Origin windows.

And for your glass, we offer you a full range of options from double or triple glazing, obscure patterns for your bathrooms, acoustic glass and the latest integral glass blinds. Glazing or astragal bars add a touch of classic elegance in the traditional or heritage style.

Origin OW-70 windows specifications

Side-hung opening vents come at a maximum width of 950mm and up to 1400mm high, giving you larger opening elements for better ventilation without additional mullions and transoms. The sizes are equally impressive for a top-hung design, up to 1.3m wide or 1.4m high.

Security is, of course, excellent with Origin OW-70 windows tested to the latest security standards.  Multiple locking points engage across the window width and are securely locked with the window handles.  Also energy efficient, the OW-70 achieves U-Values as low as 1.2Wm2K, depending on the glass specification chosen.

Thermally insulated frames, protected by a marine-grade powder-coated finish, work together, and your new windows comfortably meet or exceed Building Regulations for insulation. For ventilation requirements, neat and discreet trickle ventilators in the frame head are available in a choice of colours.

Experience the super-slim Origin OW-70 windows in the HBD Showroom.

Expertly designed with a distinctive look, Origin OW-70 contemporary and slimline aluminium windows improve your home with one of the best window brands on the market. Made by Origin and professionally fitted by us, with a quality guarantee.  Contact us today to view our windows collection in our St. Albans showroom.


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