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Office Team

  • Graham Managing Director

    Started January 1989‘I took on Neil as a fitters mate over 26 years ago and we are still going strong!’

  • Neil Managing Director

    Started January 1989‘I’m Graham’s business partner, still on probation after 25 years!’

  • Sue Company Secretary

    Started January 1989‘I’ve been with the company since my husband Graham and his close friend Neil started, I’ve been keeping them in check ever since!’

  • Rachel Accounts & Office Manager

    Started October 2011‘As the company has grown the workload has increased for everybody, after coming into support Sue with the accounts I have now developed the accounting procedures to get rid of the old paperwork working towards a completely online system.’

  • Jeff Sales Representative and Timber Specialist

    Started January 2013‘It’s been great to see the company grow more and more each year taking on new and exciting products.’

  • Hannah Marketing and Installations

    Started July 2013‘After spending Saturdays in the office with my dad (Graham) as a child I was bound to work here in no time, Rachel and myself are plotting our takeover – haha!

  • Anthony Lead Surveyor

    Started June 2014’I enjoy surveying, the ever changing industry means there are always new interesting jobs to tackle.’

  • Joe Surveyor

    Started August 2017It is interesting to use my previous experience in the building trade to build up my knowledge and skills.

  • Antonino Sales Representative

    Started September 2017I love helping and advising our customers on transforming their property. Being a part of something so personal is a great feeling!

  • David Order Processor

    Started September 2017These are exciting times here at HBD Systems, I am proud to be a part of them.

  • Mark Warehouse Responsible

    Started November 2017HBD Systems is a friendly and professional business that has given me the opportunity to join them at a very exciting time, as the company goes from strength to strength.

  • Arron Sales Manager

    January 2018HBD Systems is a friendly and professional business that has given me the opportunity to join them at a very exciting time, as the company goes from strength to strength.

Installers Team

  • Lee Lead Installer

    Started June 2009‘I started as Lewis’s fitters mate, now with 8 years of experience under my belt I lead my own team!’

  • Dave Lead Installer

    Started August 2013‘With 14 years of experience within the industry I pride myself on completing quality installations.’

  • Dylan Lead Installer

    Started September 2016‘I enjoy using my previous experience within the building trade to produce an excellent standard of work’

  • Jordan Installer

    Started February 2017‘I have enjoyed working with the different lead installers and learning new techniques from them all. I look forward to one day leading my own team.’

  • Tom Lead Installer

    Started September 2017I have over 15 years experience in the industry and it's great to be working for such a forward thinking company who have such high standards.

  • Billy Installer

    Started October 2017I started off in the building industry and since moving to HBD Systems as a glazing installer I haven't looked back.

  • Dave Lead Installer

    October 2017

  • Graham Installer

    October 2017

  • Tyler Installer

    March 2018

  • Sam Installer

    March 2018

  • Carl Lead Installer

    May 2018

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You are welcome to drop into our Hertfordshire showroom and speak to a member of staff at your own convenience or call us on 01727 845600.