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Designed for new extensions, Panoramah! sliding doors exude minimalism, luxury and architectural flair. Synonymous with high-end projects or for our clients that demand a sophisticated design, Panoramah! sliding doors are our most advanced sliding doors, with a unique structural bonded design best-in-class performance, door sizes, acoustics and energy efficiency.

Panoramah! sliding doors excel in every element of their design, with the finest aluminium profiles, high-specification glass, advanced thermal insulation and acoustic performance.  Perfect for architect-designed projects where the design demands more from the glazing element, these sliding doors come in virtually any style and design including full open corners, pocket sliding, curved and even tilting door designs.

By far the advantage you get with Panoramah! sliding doors is the extreme size capability with sliding panels up to nearly 20m2 possible.  Whilst you may not need doors at these superior sizes, you get the reassurance that the engineering and know-how behind these doors is the very best possible.

Another of our high-end sliding door solutions and a testament to the HBD Systems ethos of giving you the very best doors on the market. Panoramah! sliding doors are unique and unmatched in terms of what they can bring to your home. Of course, we are fully trained in the precise installation and expertise these sliding doors require.


Panoramah! sliding doors – when you demand the best.

Bespoke made to your precise sizes, design and specifications, Panoramah! sliding doors are a Swiss-designed system developed to go beyond the technical capabilities of regular sliding doors and, above all, create a fluid link between inside and outside spaces thanks to the bare minimum of frame and the most amount of glass.

From the colour finish in powder coated, anodised or unique metal colours, extensive glass options for acoustics, solar control or enhanced security, and manual or automatic operation are all available to customise Panoramah! sliding doors.

Aside from the cutting-edge frame design, the track is one of the most advanced on the market, flush, of course, and with complete weather protection.

Panoramah! sliding doors specifications

The structurally bonded design of Panoramah! sliding doors means the glass is the primary element for strength, with the minimal aluminium profiles having a secondary role. Visual clarity and transparency with more than 98% glass and slim aluminium designed to seal and move the doors, lock them securely and provide the desired colour finish.

Superb insulation is standard for both the frame profiles and the glass. Panoramah! sliding doors are tested to extremes, with even the glass being stronger and more resilient than standard glass units because of the technical demands placed on these spectacular sliding doors.

Of course, security and energy efficiency are exceptional for a sliding door product of this calibre, with low U-Values, excellent acoustics and overall thermal insulation.

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HBD Systems have on display the latest Panoramah! sliding doors to experience the technical and aesthetic superiority of these doors, design excellence and see how they can transform your grand design. You can also view our comprehensive range of sliding systems.


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