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We at HBD Systems offer optional door upgrades to add to your bifold doors. Your doors as standard meet all current UK building regulations and standards, however we understand some customers look for a little extra in their product.


Laminate Glass

Laminated glass is constructed out of interlayers sandwiched between two or more sheets of glass, these interlayers are composed of PVB or cast resin. This sees the interlayers bonding together the glass sheets. If the glass is then broken the fractured pieces will remain bonded to the interlayer and safely in place. Not only is laminate glass extremely safe but it acts as a deterrent against vandalism and burglary. Laminated glass can be paired with other kinds of glass such as toughened.


Euro Spec Cylinders

The MPX6 barrel is anti snap, anti bump, anti drill and anti pick cylinder which will still operate from the inside if someone was to snap it from the outside. This secure barrel is available for only an additional £60+VAT!! See more details below.


Detail spec sheet on Anti snap door barrels



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