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At HBD Systems we supply and install a range of beautifully engineered timber front doors from a specialist manufacturer. This low insulating values, high security entrance door available in a wide range of finishes and glass types. These innovative entrance door systems give you the flexibility to design your own front door in either a contemporary or traditional style.

All of our timber products are manufactured using engineered softwood, hardwood or Oak. The technique see’s multiple sections of timber arranged with alternating grain directions ensuring that a rigid material is created.  The material is ideal for solid front doors, windows, french doors and bifold doors as there is no warping or twisting and minimal expansion guaranteeing a perfectly fitting door for years to come.

We have over 45 panel styles to choose from within the funky front range along with another 13 in the classic front range. You are able to pick a door panel, frame, ironmongery and paint or stain to suit you, making your front door truly unique.

As a standard our timber products arrive fully glazed with laminated double glazing, this means that each double glazed unit is made up of glass that has two panes, one of which is laminated for additional strength and safety.

The timber products are made in Europe and have a lead time of between 6 and 8 weeks.

When considering thermal performance, timber, a naturally insulating material makes for an excellent choice. Air pockets within the timber structure create a natural barrier between the heat and cold. Of all the timber options inconsideration, the lightweight softwood is the best insulator over all, as thermal conductivity increases with density. In short, timber is an outstanding natural insulator and will warm a room, not only thermally, but with its beautiful warm grains.

In addition the Euro funky range is a selection of standard doors based around the popular Hamburg 1 design. You can still create your own personal door with 4 configurations available alongside a range of stains and paints. Remember this standard door can not be altered, if you do change any of the elements it will become a bespoke funky front door.

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