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We understand that every installation is different and that some customers would like to know a little more information about our payments.

Deposit clarification

Please be aware your 50% deposit is considered as a legal intent to proceed with your order/ contract. 

Your deposit is fully refundable unless logistical costs have been incurred. E.g. preparation of documents for CRM, allocation of profile/ glass with manufacturers, allocation of survey or installation dates etc.  Once any of these logistical costs have been incurred a minimum charge of £300 inc VAT will be deducted from any refund. If a site survey is undertaken this will be an additional minimum fee of £500 inc VAT deducted.

Refund Clarification

Any refund will take 14-28 days before payment is received. This allows all aspects of the contracts to be checked, amended and accounts to process the payment.  

Final payment

The final balance is due no later than 24 hours after installation.

Payment is required in full and there will be no withholding of funds against snagging. 

Any snagging/ remedial work will be undertaken under HBD guarantee which only becomes effective upon the full final balance being received.

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