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Firstly we wanted to thank you for choosing HBD Systems to work along side you on your project! Here is what happens next…

When your final balance has been paid (due upon installation) our accounts team will work to draft your final invoice. Please keep an eye out for this and keep it in a safe place as it is also your guarantee and has all the information which you will need if you do have any service requirements such as your contract number. 

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a wealth of information, so below you will see more about your glass, operational guides and more!

Service Request:

We hope it is unlikely,  but if you find yourself with an issue surrounding your recent installation please help us to help you as efficiently as possible. Please email service@hbdsystems.co.uk with as much information and detail as possible and any pictures you have. 

When we have received your information a member of the aftercare and service team will be in touch. 

We at HBD understand that even dealing with minor challenges can be stressful, but we ask nicely that you be respectful and patient with our staff as they do everything they can to help. 

Please note – If you have an emergency please call the office as early in the day as possible to allow us to make the necessary arrangements. 01727 845600

External condensation:

The government has set out strict guidelines on how efficiently newly installed windows and glass units need to be.

The more efficient your windows, the warmer your home will be. In turn lowering your bills and helping the environment as you will be using less energy.

With these new units ensure less heat is lost through your windows – this means the outer pane of glass is cooler. When the surface if the glass is cold the air reacts with the cold temperature creating moisture on the outside of the glass. 

This will naturally clear as the day warms up, and is nothing to worry about. Your glass is doing its job.

Internal condensation:

Having condensation on the inside of windows can not only be annoying but pool and cause damp patches or mold. This happens in a very similar way to when it is on the outside of your glass. 

Water vapor is created within your home daily during tasks such as showring, drying clothes and even breathing. When this warm air meets your cold glass it turns into liquid, creating condensation. 

The best way to deal with internal condensation is to ventilate your home well. Open your windows when you cook, shower or bath and when you are drying your laundry. It is unlikely that internal condensation means there is anything wrong with your glass. 

What to expect from your installation
(Sign off):

We understand that every installation is different and that some customers would like to know a little more information about our installations.

At the end of your installation our team will talk through the operation of your products with you and ensure you are confident in operating them, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask them – they are more than happy to help.

It is important that you are on site when your installation is completed as you will also be asked to inspect your products and sign the sign them off. 

Our installers will then give you the keys and an aftercare pack. You will be ready to go!

What to expect from your installation (Finishing):

Installing products or undertaking remedial works into existing buildings can highlight challenges with matching existing finishes.

HBD endeavors to match existing items as close as possible but can not guarantee a perfect match. This may be due to things such as weathering over the years or availability of products. Therefore we will match on a closest match basis e.g. specialist render finishes, pebble dash, brickwork mortar colour.

With repairs to plaster there is always the possibility of the repair line being visible once it has been painted. Please be aware there will be preparation required before decoration is carried out.

Please note we do not undertake any internal finishes such as painting, decorating, specialist wall coverings, tiles, timber flooring etc. 

How to clean your window and door glass:

Clear around your windows (you don’t want to get any cleaning fluid on your furniture) and put a towel or newspaper on the internal window boards.

Wipe down the glass and frames clearing any dirt or build up so you do not spread this around when you start to clean. Don’t forget to wipe the hinges and handles too!

Spray the glass with glass cleaner. Using a soft sponge rub away any dirt, it is best to wipe the glass in a circular motion moving across the entire surface.

Dry the glass with squeegee as quickly as you can, start from the top corner and make singular strokes downwards. Alternatively use a tissue which will not leave any fibers behind. Wipe glass with a dry cloth, you can then buff the glass with scrunched up newspaper or a dry microfiber cloth, this will make any remaining streaks disappear. 

Lastly wipe down the glazing bead and frames to eliminate any extra cleaning fluid and your glass will gleam!

Payment information:

Deposit: Please be aware your 50% deposit is considered as a legal intent to proceed with your order/ contract. Your deposit is fully refundable unless logistical costs have been incurred. E.g. preparation of documents for CRM, allocation of profile/ glass with manufacturers, allocation of survey or installation dates etc.  Once any of these logistical costs have been incurred a minimum charge of £300 inc VAT will be deducted from any refund. If a site survey is undertaken this will be an additional minimum fee of £500 inc VAT deducted.

Refunds: Any refund will take 14-28 days before payment is received. This allows all aspects of the contracts to be checked, amended and accounts to process the payment.  

Final payment: The final balance is due no later than 24 hours after installation. Payment is required in full and there will be no withholding of funds against snagging. Any snagging/ remedial work will be undertaken under HBD guarantee which only becomes effective upon the full final balance being received.

Guarantee information:

Please take a look at the guarantees included with your purchase. Note: Manufacturers guarantee’s are all different, if you do not see what you are looking for below let us know.

HBD installation guarantee: 10 years

Glass (all manufacturers): 5 years

Your guarantee covers faults such as:

  • Gas leaking from the inside of the units causing the inside of the glass to condensate between the panes.
  • Defects within the sealed glass unit
  • Faults with internal films or coatings
  • Please note any issues arising from user error, misuse or damages caused my pets, stones etc. will be chargeable.

We hope there is no use for this policy but as a duty of care to all of our clients we want to make our complaints procedure available.
Click here to read.

If there is any information you can not find on this page please visit our Frequently asked questions.

Alternatively please email admin@hbdsystems.co.uk or call 01727 845 600 and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. 

Thank you!

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