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The rise of the sliding door has taken the past few years by storm! We have found that large pane sliders have defiantly got what it takes to contend with our beloved bifold doors.

Although sliding doors may not fold open leaving a completely clear aperture they have the added advantage of having more glass and less frames. The door panes can be made in excess of 2.5m wide each! These doors are more like a moving glass wall, allowing your room to be flooded with light and enhance the view of your outside garden.

Our manufacturers can offer you a variety of frame thicknesses depending on your requirements. Allowing you to have interlocks as small as 20mm between panels.
At HBD our top priority is always a safe and quality installation, as such we assess each project individually to ensure we have the correct equipment. In some cases with our larger doors where the glass units can weigh more than 220kg each we rely on a crane to assist us with carefully placing the glass units into the frames.

Case Studies

We have had the pleasure of being able to photograph step by step some of our crane assisted sliding door installations, take a look at our recent case studies, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

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