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Designed to give you the wow factor, our prestigious range of sliding doors enhances your home with bigger glass panels, less frame, more light, better views, and a fantastic open feel. HBD Systems’ outstanding range of sliding doors gives you a choice of contemporary, minimalist, or classic styling and flexible opening options.  Of course, all come with maximum security, excellent energy efficiency and reliable sealing and weather protection.

Perfect for replacing your dated patio doors and creating showpiece sliding doors in a new extension, every one of our sliding doors transforms your room with an open aspect closed, framing your view and letting light flow into your room.  And when it is time to enjoy the outdoors, our sliding doors all feature an effortless, smooth and near-silent operation, even with the largest door panels. Available with a standard, low or flush track, they create a minimal step to your patio area and connect your inside and outside spaces together.

Sliding doors have surpassed the old patio door and introduced new technology. Eliminating thermal bridging, allowing for extra large glass panes and even flush stacking systems – all while letting in maximum light. We have a solution if you love sliding doors but want to open up your whole aperture. Pocket sliding doors slide neatly away into the wall beside your door.

Choose a manufacturer from our sophisticated range of sliding doors.

Our Sunflex sliding doors range comes in three styling options and is unique because the door panels stack flush fully open. You get better-looking open doors and more of your available clear opening.  Perfect for existing or new openings, also available as pocket sliding doors disappearing into a wall and fixed or open corner designs.

The market-leading British brand, Origin sliding doors come in four styling options, with 77mm, 44mm, 29mm and 20mm mullion sightlines. The legendary Origin quality enhances your home.  Origin sliding doors also come with some of the best personalisation options on the market and up to 20 years manufacturer guarantee.


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With flawless product quality and a touch of luxury, Centor two-panel sliding doors come with premium aluminium outside and fine wood inside.  Centor sliding doors feature an innovative frameless fixed side screen and optional shading and flyscreens for added comfort.

Our prestigious made-in-Germany ultra-premium sliding doors, Solarlux cero, are designed for new extensions and feature a beautiful and consistent 34mm sightline all around.  These advanced sliding doors deliver a unique patio door experience and are capable of the most extreme sizes for the ultimate grand slider.

The finest in contemporary and minimalist sliding doors, Panoramah sliding doors maximise the use of glass and feature, a near-frameless appearance, outstanding design and top-end performance.  These high-end sliding doors create spectacular rooms and come in standard or large sizes and unique colours and textures. .

You can view each and every one of these manufacturers in our state of the art St Albans showroom. 

The entire HBD sliding doors range transforms your home with desirable and beautiful sliding doors, giving you a fantastic choice of products to meet your budget, design requirements, and functional needs.  Expertly-made and professionally installed by us, our sliding door expertise ensures we help you achieve the perfect end result.

All our bespoke sliding doors are available to view in our St. Albans showroom, installed in real-world settings, letting you experience the benefits of a sliding door and imagine how they can work in your home.

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