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Transform your home with our exquisite steel internal doors, screens, and glazing partitions, designed to create distinct areas while giving you more natural light inside your home for a fluid and open living experience.

Hand-welded and in a luxurious powder-coated colour finish and tailored to your specific needs. Each steel internal door and screen is custom-made and expertly crafted to enhance your living space, offering a range of glazed options for a perfect match.  Made from premium steel, every product is designed for practicality, functionality and style.  Steel internal doors, fixed partition screens, room dividers, and bespoke creations when you need something tailored just for you.

Choose from our classic steel look, industrial, Art-Deco, or Georgian-style steel internal doors for an elegant and timeless touch. Doors are available hinged, sliding or pivoting, and internal folding doors. Specifically designed for indoor use, they come with invisible thresholds, single safety glazing, and dedicated hardware that combines style with visual appeal.

Choose from our steel internal doors and screens collection:  

Internal hinged doors

Available as single doors, double doors, with additional side and top panels, and even standalone New York-style screens, our hinged internal steel doors come in virtually any style, thanks to their bespoke nature and how many glazing bars you need for your ideal grid-like pattern.

Internal sliding doors

Available as single doors, double doors and with side panels, our steel internal sliding doors offer larger door sizes and space-saving design whilst having the iconic industrial style and flawless build quality, fit and finish. 

Internal steel pivot doors

With a distinctive opening action, our internal steel pivot doors make a design statement in your home, designed to look just as impressive, open and closed. The offset opening design creates a visually appealing door that is effortless to open while retaining the desirable industrial, heritage, or Art-Deco look.

Looking for something special? The benefit of steel is its shaping, bending and bespoke nature.  From curved internal steel doors to unique shapes and designs, HBD Systems makes your vision for the inside of your home come to life.

HBD Systems’ custom-made steel internal doors, screens, and lazing partitions come expertly designed and manufactured. Premium steel, beautiful colours and designer hardware enhance natural light and create a seamless, open living experience in the industrial Art-Deco style. From hinged and sliding doors to pivot doors and bespoke creations, our steel collection is tailored to your specific needs and style preferences. Various glazed options and virtually unlimited designs provide practicality, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Our steel collection promises timeless elegance in your home and built to last a lifetime. It is available to view in our St Albans Showroom.



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