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As the popularity of sliding doors has increased we have begun to undertake more crane assisted installations. A crane assisted installation is where a spider crane is used to help lift either the frame or doors and glass into place safely.

This installation in Harpenden consisted of a large AIR sliding door, ALUK windows, bay window and single door. Our installation was split into 2 phases to fit in with other building work and trades who would be working on the project. As you can see below our customers were undertaking a large scale renovation – We can not wait to revisit later in the year to see everything finished!


Firstly three days were assigned for all of the ALUK products. As we were installing into new builders openings this was a very straight forward process. Our installation teams photograph every installation they complete, here are a few images of the windows immediately after installation. Remember all of the plaster lines and floor levels have been taken into account as part of the site survey to ensure our customer can achieve their desired finish.

The second phase of this project involved the installation of the large pane AIR sliding door. At 6.5m wide and 2.4m high and made up of 3 doors, you can imagine, there was a lot of details to be taken into account. Our surveyor visited to measure and set the threshold, as you can see Anthony takes a sample with him to all of his surveys so he can discuss with the client and builder where the doors will sit to achieve the desired finished floor levels.

When the installation day came for the sliding door, we loaded up and got on our way. Once our installers arrived they remeasured the aperture to make sure the frame would fit correctly.

The door frame and sash installation went just as planned, next up the installers prepared themselves to install the huge 195kg glass units.

As with any project there is the possibility of running into challenges. In this case the access for carrying the glass units round to the back of the house was not suitable.  After calling the office to speak to our installation manager we devised Plan B, this is where our crane specialist came in. We ensured that the property was secure and prepared to pull off site and return once we were able to book in the crane.

The following week after our clients neighbour kindly allowed us to use their larger alleyway as access we continued our installation. The crane specialist has a spider crane designed to fold up and fit down tighter passageways as small as 0.9m before unfolding to lift the glass.

We managed to get an incredible video of the crane being operated to lift the glass and position it where the installers can maneuver it by hand into the door panels.

The finished installation is striking to say the least!

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