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Anthracite grey window install…

We worked with st Albans carpentry for this project, to install origin windows and bifold doors. We wanted to show how our fitters install windows to allow you to know more about the work that goes into your project.

First they will cut the cill to the right length, after that they fit the cill into the opening, making sure it is level.

The grey window cill has been installed and the installers level it up

Once they have made sure everything is completely level they then put the window frame into the opening. As they do this they pump up bags to temporarily keep the window in place.

The anthracite grey window has been placed into the opening with air bags to hold it

Following this they fit brick fixings to meet the regulations, this holds the windows in place properly. Also they put packers between the frame that are different colours to fill different widths(mm) and brick work to ensure the frames square. Then they fit beads into the inside of the window to hold the glass in place.

Our installer is fixing the anthracite grey window with screws every 30cm

Rubber gaskets are next fitted inside to keep the glass in place.

The glass is installed and then glazing beads are fitted into place. Gasket will be fitted after to keep the beads tight

To finish off the Anthracite grey window install they cut back the packers so they don’t show. Then they seal the window with colour match silicon to make the window water tight.

Finally the window glass and frame is cleaned so it looks its best and its done.

The anthracite grey windows are bring sealed with matching silicone and cleaned by installers

finished Anthracite grey window, one top opening sash

By Merlie Green, i’m doing my work experience here and enjoying it loads. I spent yesterday at this site taking pictures, videos and taking notes on how they fit these windows.

Hope you found this helpful.

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