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Often we are asked about the process involved in converting your existing windows and doors into openings suitable for bifold doors. We have found there is no better way to explain than to show you the steps we take via onsite photographs.

And We are off… you can see the French door and window which will soon be taken out to create a new opening.

The inside of the house is protected with sheets and boarding, you can not see it but behind the boarding there is an open plan kitchen and dining room. The installers have put up additional dust sheets as barriers between the areas to minimise any dust or debris.

When all of the measurements have been checked and the installers know where the new steel will go, the area which needs to be cut back is marked out. The first step is to grind along the line to avoid excess plaster coming off when work is taking place.

The plaster is removed to expose the brickwork, lintels, wiring and steel work already present underneath.

The first floor will be held up throughout the process using acro props, during the installation and until the brickwork has dried. The acros sit on the decking outside as well as on the inside of the opening. At this installation the decking was made from a softwood and we were unsure if it would give enough support and be able to take the weight without splitting. To avoid anything untoward the installers braced he decking and added additional support along all of the edges.

When we were sure that the decking had sufficient support ,the internal brickwork was removed by our team and the bricklayer working alongside us on this project. They quickly made light work of the removal below where the window was previously installed.

Next all of the brickwork and lintels were removed to make the opening, ready for the installation of a new steel.

One of the hardest parts of this project was getting the steel into place, this started with the gruelling task of getting the steel round to the back of the house. I must say, these 5 guys really put their backs into it!

The steel was carefully and painstakingly maneuvered onto the genie lifts to lift it into place. Although our images make it look easy there was a lot to consider; for example we removed part of the decking fence placed boards under the genie and made sure everything was n the correct position.

Our installers worked into the darkness slowly inching this 400kg steel to the right height.

When the steel was at the right height, it has to be moved forward a small amount to sit between the brickwork. This project was booked in over two days, as such the installers cut out boards and screwed them into the opening to make sure the house was secure overnight.

The boarding was taken down and bricks were laid under both sides of the steel being careful to make sure it was level, quick drying cement was used so we didn’t have to wait too long before it dried. Then we removed the genie lifts and completed above the steel with breeze blocks.

You can see the soldier course being laid on the outside, breeze blocks will be laid above and rendered over upon completion. Everything will soon set in time for the bifold doors to be fitted!

We made a quick video of some of the images taken on the day!

Lewis and Tristan fitted the Origin bifold door into the opening taking our and replacing each of the arcros as they moved along hanging the door sashes.

As you can see one acro was left in until we were 100% sure the brickwork had dried. LAter in the week we returned to complete the rendering, internal plastering and remove all of the remaining supports.

This was a great project to be a part of! The installation team worked extremely hard over the two days, there is a lot more that goes into this work than many expect.

Thank you for your great work Lewis, Tristan, Dylan, Kevin & Dorian!!

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