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The aim of our project today was to show our customers the steps taken for an Origin window installation to allow you to know more about the work which will be undertaken when we work on your project together. Make sure you have a look at the video towards the end of the project post to see all of the action.

Firstly the installers will measure the window and opening prepared by the builders to check that they are both the correct size.

Each Origin cill  is delivered slightly over size to give our installers the option to adjust the length depending on the opening. Here our opening is to size so the cill it cut down to the same length as the window frame.

The window is then prepared and building straps are attached to the outer frame for installation. We also check through the parts box to make sure we have everything that we need.


When the level has been checked packers are put into place to make sure the area is 100% spot on and the frame will sit level.

Our installers moved both the cill and window frame closer to the opening, the next step was then to fix the frames to the cill, screws are countersunk and go through both the frame and cill holding them securely together.

The window is then lifted into place.

Once in position the installers carefully check the window is level again before fixing it to the brickwork with the straps.

The window frame installation is now complete. Next up the beads are removed, glass it fitted and packed and then the beads are put back in.

Gasket is fitted around each piece of glass the ensure ultimate waterproofing.

The last detail is to fit the window handles, and foam around the window and we are done! In this case the plastering will cover the foam and straps ensuring a high quality seamless finish.


Watch the video to see the step by step action!


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