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We started off 2016 with a BANG, installing large pane sliding doors in a loft conversion in London! A big obstacle to tackle was getting the doors and glass safely up to the second floor, these glass units were over 2m x 2m with a weight of over 300 Kilos.

HBD have been working with a crane company for the past year as the market moved towards large pane sliding doors and the installers needed assistance in the safe and professional handling of the products.

This specific company have an incredible spider crane which folds up to a tiny 0.6m to allow it to move down the side of your house on caterpillar tracks, before unfolding when in place, ready to crane the doors or glass.

For many of our installations we fit doors into pre-prepared openings, when the aperture is constructed our surveyors visit site, measure and make all of the calculations needed to ensure the correct tolerances have been left for a perfectly fitting and smooth running door.

Here is the pre-prepared opening ready for the frame to be lifted by the crane into place…

The site is assessed and carefully cleared of any obstructions so our installers are able to work efficiently and safely during the installation.

The installers put the frame work together at street level before the crane hoisted it effortlessly up to the second floor to be fixed. Next the door sashes were lifted into place and fixed to complete the outer frame.

Up it goes…

Once the outer frame is fixed in place the glass is lifted up by the crane, once in place and beaded the door is ready to be sealed and trimmed.

Here is an inside and outside view of the completed installation.

We also have a photo of the Stunning finished installation from the outside before the balustrade is fitted. This project was featured in a number of magazines too!

This is just one of the many specialist projects that Herts Bifold Doors are capable of undertaking, giving our clients the ability to make the impossible, possible!

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