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This brands outstanding feat of German engineering and design makes it one of the best aluminium brands in the world. The Schüco ASS 70 bifold doors deliver exceptional styling and a contemporary overall look.

Schüco ASS 70 bifold doors suit property renovation or new build projects. Style, quality and functionality are built into every part of the design. Premium aluminium with multiple profile chambers, advanced thermal insulation and sophisticated sealing all work together, giving you a luxurious and beautiful bifold door designed to perform every time.

When you want even more light and the largest glass area in your bifolds, Schüco ASS 70 bifold doors come in panel sizes as wide as 1.5m. You can design your bifolds with just three panels, whereas other brands need four across the same-sized opening.

The styling and detailing of Schüco ASS 70 bifold doors are sleek and contemporary with a flatline appearance throughout, enhanced by minimalist Schüco branded handles with a unique look and feel.

Schüco bifolds come with more track options.  A choice of fully weathered flush or ramp-type meets virtually any solution at the threshold, including for those with accessibility needs and with practical weather protection.


Schüco ASS 70 bifold doors – designed your way

Our expertly-crafted and professionally installed Schüco ASS 70 bifold doors come with all the flexibility and capability you need for your property project.  Doors can open in or out, and fold in one direction or two.  You can design your Schüco bifolds to meet your specific design requirements, safe in the knowledge that these doors are created to meet the needs of standard property renovations and more demanding projects.  In addition to the everyday traffic door for convenient access, there is even an option to integrate an opening tilt and turn window into one of the panels for ventilation.

Schüco bifold doors are professionally coloured, with additional colour options in metallic, anodised and textured powder-coated finishes.

Schüco ASS 70 bifold doors specifications

Providing excellent security is a combination of top-end design and the best components. As standard, Schüco ASS 70 bifold doors come with the premium Winkaus locking system, available either as a lift-to-lock design or a mechanical lock. A high-security key cylinder also comes as standard.  As you’d expect, these doors are tested to the latest security standards featuring multiple locking points and other effective protection features.  Advanced sealing and excellent design also ensure your home is safe and dry even in the worst weather, with Schüco being some of the best weather-tested doors on the market.

Schüco is renowned for its energy-saving credentials.  Insulated aluminium profiles high specification double or triple glazing help lower your energy bills with U-Values comfortably meeting current Building Regulations. U-Values vary depending on the glass specification chosen.

Experience Schüco ASS 70 bifold doors in our Showroom

Unique styling, an incredible folding sliding action, and impressive size capability all come together with Schüco ASS 70 bifold doors – one of the best aluminium brands for your home.  You can view our Schüco doors in our St. Albans Showroom alongside our extensive range of folding sliding systems.


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