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Sliding doors – frequently asked questions

Aluminium sliding doors offer possibly the widest range of designs, from 3-panel sets to more complex configurations including open corners and pocket sets.

Sliding doors – frequently asked questions

Knowing where to start when choosing aluminium sliding doors can be rather daunting, so we’ve put together some FAQs, based on the questions customers have asked us over the years. 

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Are there standard aluminium sliding door sizes?

No, every set of sliding door is custom made to your exact design and specification. Typically we install sliding doors that are between 3m and 9m wide and between 2.1m and 2.5m tall, although the SUNFLEX UK sliding doors we use can be custom-designed to fit whatever opening your project requires.

How many sliding door panels do I need?

It depends entirely on the size of your aperture. Our SUNFLEX sliding doors offer the widest range of panel configurations of any aluminium sliding door system on the market with a choice of 1-8 panels for openings between 800mm and 24 metres wide. 

Can I have centre opening sliding doors?

Yes you can, whether you opt for a 4, 6 or 8 panel system we can design sliding doors that open from the centre with panels sliding to either side. Typically however we would advise that you consider other opening configurations before you commit to a centre-opening set, with the locking mechanism for the doors right in the middle of the opening this requires a slightly larger amount of frame which can interrupt your view out.

The SUNFLEX UK SVG20 and SVG30 door systems are unique in that they can be designed with 4 panels that slide to one end behind a fixed frame, creating a massive 75% opening.

Do you always need a fixed panel with sliding doors?

Yes and no. Traditionally sliding doors have always been designed with a fixed panel behind which the sliding doors slide when the doors are opened up. Whilst this is still the case for most of the sliding doors we supply and install, it is possible for all of the panels of the doors to slide on an extended track into a pocket in the wall. This is one of the fastest growing trends in sliding door design and allows you to create a completely unobstructed opening when the doors are slid back. This is certainly something to consider if you are looking at sliding doors for an extension.

Are external sliding doors thermally efficient in winter?

This type of question usually comes when customers have had experience of previous generations of aluminium patio doors because back in the ‘70s and ‘80s the frames of the doors were forged from a single piece of aluminium, which meant when the outside of the doors was cold, so was the inside. Today’s modern generation of sliding doors are made from two separate pieces of aluminium frame, with a polyamide thermal break between the two which prevents cold bridging between outside and in. Combined with the development of glass technology this means that external aluminium sliding doors are more than capable of meeting the enhanced performance standards required by Building Regulations Document L.

Can you get internal glass sliding doors?

Yes, we can offer the SUNFLEX SF20 or SF22 internal glass sliding door systems. These are single glazed and available as either frameless sliding doors or an Art Deco style framed system and are perfect for partitioning up open-plan rooms or even for surrounding outdoor kitchens.

What colours are sliding doors available in?

The frames of aluminium sliding glass doors are available in a huge range of colours, either manufacturer’s standard colours or completely bespoke colour options to match your home. The aluminium frames of the doors are powder coated, where a dry powder is applied electrostatically and then cured in an oven, to provide a much harder wearing finish than traditional painting techniques. Variations of grey or black typically are the most popular choices for aluminium sliding doors, but we can offer you a solution for whatever your project requires.

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