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When you choose Solarlux bifold door for your home, you get the benefits of this prestigious name in folding sliding doors, with the technical and functional benefits that no other bifold provides.  Solarlux invented the bifolding door, and it delivers an altogether different experience.

Crafted in Germany by Solarlux and expertly installed by us for you, Solarlux bifold doors are desirable because of their quality and attention to detail. However, in a class of their own, the best way to see what makes these doors unique is to experience them.

The perfect patio door for a new extension or replacing your old doors with an individual look and feel, Solarlux bifold doors come in all aluminium, alu-clad with aluminium outside and fine wood inside or all wood.

With desirable aesthetics, fluid and smooth folding action, superb build quality, fit and finish and innovative features. 

Self-cleaning tracks with optional illumination, cleaning the outside glass from inside the room, fewer visible hinges and visible features giving peace of mind sealing and protection are just the start of why Solarlux make some of the best bifolds you can buy.



Solarlux bifold doors – unlike any other

When you choose Solarlux bifold doors, you get all manner of patented features and high-end door technology. The slim bifold door profiles with an elegant 99mm sightline at the mullions make Solarlux doors some of the slimmest.  Whether you choose a standard or taller door panel, you get fewer hinges than other bifolds, adding to the styling whilst never compromising on strength.  Fitting your doors at high-level opening into your room? An ingenious hinge design lets you reverse the panel and clean the outside panel of glass from inside your room.

Of course, a bifold is all about connecting to your patio and garden and entertaining outdoors.  That is why Solarlux bifold doors come with self-cleaning thresholds with optional LED lighting, creating ambience and atmosphere. And five different track options make Solarlux functional whether you fit them outside or inside as a stylish room divider with a completely flush track to your interior floors.

The attention to detail with Solarlux bifold doors goes even further. Engineered panel catches are both attractive and securely hold the open doors together.  Even the main door handles feature a discreet stop, preventing the handle from ever marking the paint finish on the adjacent panel.  You can even integrate an opening window within a panel for ventilation.

Solarlux folding sliding door specifications

The specifications are extensive as you’d expect from a top-of-the-range folding sliding door.  Insulated aluminium profiles with Solarlux’s own Bionic Turtle thermal break don’t just insulate your new doors and help lower your energy bills.  Bionic Turtle ensures doors shut tighter when closed and helps keep the incredible sightlines slim as it also houses the hardware and fittings. U-Values are equally impressive, surpassing current Building Regulations, depending on the glass specification and bifold model you choose.

Security is first class with Solarlux-designed locking systems, and luxury door handles and general built-in protection features.  All doors are independently tested to the latest security standards.  Weather protection and sealing are also first-class.

Experience Solarlux bifold doors quality in the HBD Showroom

Solarlux bifold doors transform your home with style, quality, a desirable brand name and a host of features and innovations.  You can view these outstanding bifold doors in our showroom alongside the equally impressive Solarlux cero sliding door.


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