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Designed for new extensions with architectural quality, Solarlux Cero sliding doors let you create your own grand design. The standout feature of Solarlux Cero is its consistent sightline at just 34mm throughout.  This design also gives you a sliding door with virtually 98% glass.  Cero doors are stunning to look at and use.

Minimalist and modern, elegant and striking, Solarlux Cero sliding doors meet virtually any design requirement when constructing a home or new extension needing exemplary sliding doors.  Transparency and views, removing the boundary between your room and your garden are built into its impressive design.

Available as two, three or four panels, Solarlux Cero sliding doors are perfect as a standalone sliding door or can be designed with a fixed or open corner design, including fixed side panels.  And if you’re building a modern house, you can even reduce the sizes to create beautiful sliding windows with just one central slim mullion.

At the upper end of our overall sliding doors collection, Solarlux Cero is one of the finest thin-framed sliding doors on the market, unmatched in terms of build quality, styling, engineering and capability.

The Solarlux range is available from HBD Systems, approved installers for the entire Solarlux range and fully trained in the precision installation and expertise required by these outstanding products.  


Solarlux Cero sliding doors – when you want the very best

Bespoke made to your precise sizes, design and specifications, Solarlux Cero sliding doors promise the best in advanced sliding doors and just what is possible with modern aluminium and high-specification glass.

From the colour finish in powder coated, anodised or special colours, extensive glass options for acoustics, solar control or enhanced security and manual or automatic operation are all available to customise your new sliding doors. Of course, the flush track that is essential with a door of this type is engineering know-how at its very best, with full weather protection.


Solarlux Cero specifications

Luxurious in every way and with high specifications to match, Solarlux Cero sliding doors are only made in Germany by Solarlux and are designed for standard or oversized doors.  Every component is of the highest quality, delivering a light and smooth sliding action.  Or you can let the doors open and close themselves with a fully automatic solution.

As you’d expect from such a top-of-the-line sliding door, Cero is rigorously tested to European burglar resistance tests and the UK PAS24 and Document Q, with enhanced security upgrades such as laminated glass, break glass alarms and other protection features available. Of course, energy efficiency is also first class with U-Values as low as 0.79Wm2K depending on the model and glass specification chosen.  Choosing the acoustic glass also offers excellent sound reduction.

See our grand slider Cero sliding doors in the HBD Showroom.

HBD Systems have on display our show-stopping Solarlux Cero doors in a unique anodised finish, made at and incredible height in our St. Albans showroom.  You may not need doors over four metres tall, but you’ll experience the superior engineering and design that goes into every Solarlux product. You can also view the luxurious Solarlux folding sliding doors as well.


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