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When you want the very best in glazed extensions and insulated glass rooms, a Solarlux Wintergarden delivers on virtually every possible requirement and is one of the finest glass and aluminium structures on the market today.

Made in Germany to your precise sizes, specification and design requirements, Solarlux Wintergarden comprises a high specification advanced structure, with integrated Solarlux bifold doors or the superb Cero sliding doors.  Also available is a range of hinged doors and windows.

Designed to create a useable all-year-round room, with full sealing and weather protection, comfort internally and in virtually any design and size, Solarlux Wintergarden delivers a luxurious, crafted glazed extension adding true value to your properly and making it altogether better.

Made from high-quality materials such as aluminium or a combination or wood and aluminium you can enjoy changing seasons whilst enjoying amazing views in a bright spacious glazed extension making the most of high quality glass and high-grade aluminium.

Expertly designed with our know-how and professionally installed with precision and expertise, a Solarlux Wintergarden is a truly special creation, transforming both the inside and outside of your home.


Solarlux Wintergarden – embrace changing seasons in style.

Three outstanding Solarlux Wintergarden designs meet standard or the most demanding requirements. SDL Nobiles is the most contemporary design, featuring minimal roof bars with built-in structural profiles, reducing the visible bulk of the structure. Giving a unique design and sense of transparency is SDL Akzent Vision, with visible steel cables and stainless steel components, providing visual clues as to the superb engineering and design behind this incredible glazed extension. Finally, SDK Akzent Plus provides both modern and more traditional glazed extension designs, featuring roof bars that reduce in size from outside to inside, adding to the feeling of space.

Personalising a Solarlux Wintergarden to your precise requirements allows you to get even more from this stunning glass room. Automatic opening roof vents, roof shading in various designs, heating, cooling and lighting are all available. In addition, there’s a choice of manual or automatic opening windows and any of the high-end Solarlux patio door products for your vertical elements.  Everything is designed to work seamlessly together.

Premium aluminium provides the same style and appearance inside and out.  Or you can opt for aluminium outside and fine woods inside, adding a warmer feel and a more luxurious overall experience.

Solarlux Wintergarden Specifications

With every product individually crafted for you, the Solarlux specifications are extensive. As standard, all products come designed with careful wind loading and structural calculations, ensuring your new glazed extension’s structural rigidity and service life. Profiles, design, glass, hardware and the durable colour finish are all produced to set industry standards.

For the roof system, purpose-designed gutters and downpipes effectively deal with rainwater, and each of these is suitably capped to blend in with the overall design seamlessly. Fully insulated with thermally broken aluminium profiles, pressure-equalisation and drainage is part of the overall design, working in harmony with high-specification insulated safety glass units.

With every Solarlux Wintergarden exclusively made in Germany, the product is entirely fabricated and assembled before delivery to us. This pre-fabrication ensures excellent site installation, with faster construction times at your property. With all elements carefully taken care of in a factory environment, no further cutting, machining or fabrication is required at your home. Even finishing pieces, trims and accessories are pre-fitted and pre-drilled, and all components allow for fine-tuning, ensuring the perfect fit and finish.  

Enhance your home with a luxurious Solarlux Glazed Wintergarden

HBD Systems is passionate about helping you create the best glazing solution for your home and making your design ideas a reality.  Our Solarlux Wintergarden and comprehensive range of premium aluminium systems make this happen.  Contact us today and discover how a Solarlux extension can transform your home and create a great new living space.


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