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Icon Loft internal pivot doors promise sophisticated design and innovative functionality while continually providing the true industrial and Art-Deco style. The unique pivotal hinge system allows a smooth 180-degree opening, with the option of opening your doors in both directions.

Available as single or double doors, our luxurious internal pivot doors give you larger door leaves than regular hinged doors, looking stylish and different when fully open. Pivot doors provide ultra-slim, steel internal doors and are perfect for any house type and interior.

The same hand-crafted construction as our range of steel internal doors and screens, but with a top and bottom pivot mechanism instead of hinges. The benefit is no visible hardware and doors that project slightly into the doorway for a modern and appealing look.

The innovative pivot opening action is light and smooth with the option of hold open or non-hold open facility and soft closing.  No visible threshold lets you move between your rooms with no step and let your floors run clean and uninterrupted.

HBD Systems’ steel internal sliding doors suit virtually any opening size in your home and even commercial spaces.


Steel internal pivot doors – distinctive internal doors

Single and double steel internal pivot doors provide a sophisticated and contemporary way to separate spaces in your home. These doors can be configured to pivot smoothly at their hinges, ensuring a clean and elegant opening action. Especially suitable for larger doorways, their design allows for a complete and smooth swing, with their ultra-slim steel profiles ensuring that they don’t take up unnecessary space when open.

HBD Systems’ Icon Loft internal pivot doors blend style and strength. Made from ultra-slim yet durable steel, these doors are aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting, offering a timeless look that enhances any interior.

Every pivot door is bespoke and at the forefront of design innovation, in either a contemporary design with minimal bars or the classic look with multiple panels, deep bottom rails, or striking steel panels. The possibilities for customisation are extensive, ensuring each door is a unique feature in your home.

Inspired by the elegance of traditional metal doors, our bespoke steel pivot doors combine old-world charm with advanced manufacturing techniques, premium finishes, and high-quality safety glass.

Steel Internal Pivot Doors Specifications:

The robust nature of steel allows for a minimalistic frame design, giving a clear and expansive view. Our pivot doors can be impressively large, reaching up to three meters in height, with even larger custom sizes available to suit your specific design preferences.

Designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your home’s interior, our pivot doors come with a range of elegant and luxurious handle designs, including straight, cranked, L-shaped, and offset pull handles.

For safety and privacy, all our doors are fitted with high-quality toughened or laminated glass, available in both clear and patterned designs, giving you transparency or privacy.

With a distinctive opening action, our internal steel pivot doors make a design statement in your home, designed to look just as impressive, open or closed. The offset opening design creates a visually appealing door that is effortless to open while retaining the desirable industrial, heritage, or Art-Deco look.

Explore Icon Loft Internal Pivot Doors by HBD Systems

Available in various colours, glass options, and configurations, our bespoke steel internal pivot doors promise to bring a unique and modern touch to your home. They ensure a seamless and stylish transition between spaces. Visit our St. Albans showroom to explore our full range of internal doors, and speak with our knowledgeable staff.


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