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Icon Loft internal sliding doors create an altogether different internal door experience with effortless sliding and a near-silent operation. Internal steel sliding doors with minimal frames and the authentic industrial style, in a space-saving design.

Available as single sliding doors, double or triple tracks and bi-parting double doors behind a side panel, there is no slimmer or better steel internal sliding door in the industrial, Art-Deco or heritage style to divide your rooms and take up less space when open.  

Top-of-the-line design, an advanced sliding mechanism and luxurious handles make using these doors every day a unique experience.  Closed they divide your rooms into defined separate zones.  Fully open, they connect your rooms together and make your home feel brighter and more spacious.

Hung from the top and with no visible threshold, HBD Systems’ steel internal sliding doors, suit virtually any opening size in your home and even commercial spaces.


Steel internal sliding doors – bespoke, refined, luxurious

Single and double steel internal sliding doors can slide in front of your wall, or we can design them to go into a new wall pocket, disappearing from view.  You can have double or triple tracks for larger doorways, letting your doors stack neatly together.  At the same time, their ultra-slim steel profiles create minimal door bulk when fully open.

HBD Systems’ Icon Loft internal sliding doors transform spaces with distinctive charm. Crafted from ultra-slim and lightweight yet robust steel, these doors are visually stunning and built to endure, offering a timeless aesthetic that complements any interior.

Our steel sliding doors set the standard for slimness in the market. Each door is tailored to your preferences, from the classic industrial look to more innovative designs with additional glass panels, deep bottom rails, or steel panels for a bolder lower section. The customisation possibilities are vast, ensuring a unique addition to your home.

Drawing inspiration from traditional metal doors, our bespoke steel sliding doors are just part of HBD Systems’ comprehensive range of steel and aluminium internal doors for your home. All come with premium metals, advanced colour coatings, high-quality safety glass and high-end handles and accessories in classic and contemporary styles.

Steel Internal Sliding Doors Specifications:

Steel’s strength allows minimal frame visibility, offering a sleek, unobstructed view. These doors can be up to three meters tall, with even larger sizes available depending on your design needs.

Our sliding doors are designed to improve how you use the inside of your home. An elegant and luxurious collection of handles provides the finishing touch in a choice of straight, cranked, L-shaped, and offset styles.

As for safety, all our doors come standard with high-quality toughened or laminated glass, available in clear or patterned options to suit your style and privacy preferences.

Discover Icon Loft internal sliding doors by HBD Systems.

Available in a comprehensive range of colours, glass options and configurations, our bespoke steel internal sliding doors promise a unique look and an effortless transition between your rooms and doors that will last a lifetime. The complete HBD Systems internal range of doors is available to view in our St. Albans showroom, where you can also discuss your project requirements with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.


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