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Some may say that purchasing your windows and doors is one of the most important home investments. Not only do they effect your homes aesthetics, security and energy efficiency but they add personality and value.

We at HBD Systems often compare the purchase of your windows and doors to that of a new car. Would you buy a new car without seeing it first and visiting the showroom? We wouldn’t. You may have a very strong idea of what you want, but a showroom visit gives you the chance to see the products in person. You can try them out, see how they operate as well as pick the staff’s brain on any questions you may have around your choice. With this in mind you will also get the chance to see other products and materials which are on offer. You may find there is an alternative which suits your build better or may come away secure in the fact you have made the right decision.

Each showroom is different, we at HBD want to show you the products we have to offer in a way which allows you to envision them in your own home. We have over 20 different products installed into the showroom in a range of colours, from over 10 different manufacturers!

During your showroom visit you are in control. You are able to dictate the length of time you stay and the products you want to see. Make sure you take advantage of picking the staffs brain and absorbing the wealth of knowledge they have on hand to share with you. Our staff have a unique advantage, we have been involved in numerous glazing projects and can use our experience to further your design.

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We are extremely proud of our award winning showroom and would like to invite you to visit. Whether you have a build in motion or are simply doing some research we would love the opportunity to share our knowledge and skills with you. There is no need to book an appointment, simply pop in at your convenience. Find our opening times here

Our sales team are also available by both phone and email. All the team at HBD will be happy to hear from you!

Phone: 01727 845600