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Designed to transform your space with the character and warmth of natural wood, our crafted Timber Bifold Doors provide a fantastic connection to your patio area and garden when open and bring light to your room when closed.

The ideal replacement for your dated patio doors and the ideal doors alongside other timber windows and doors in your home, a bifold perfectly combines aesthetics, luxury, and the functionality you only get with a folding sliding system.

Available from two up to eight panels, a fixed corner option, and matching Timber single or double doors, our timber bifolds bring your room to life, whatever the size.

Designed with ease of use and reliability in mind, opening your new timber bifold doors is easy, thanks to the bottom roller design, transferring the weight to the bottom track rather than the top and making the folding sliding action virtually effortless.

Of course, we can provide the desirable lower-set track and aluminium threshold, giving you an easier transition to the patio with a reduced step and no loss of weather protection. These incredible bifold doors in Pine, Meranti or Oak work in any setting, modern or classic, providing the appeal and functionality only a bifold has.


Timber Bifold Doors – the benefit of a bifold with the luxury of wood.

Completely bespoke and designed to work in your home, your new timber bifold doors are available from two panels, up to larger door sets, and therefore ideal for any aperture, from a small space, a standard opening or a purpose-built larger type in a new build extension.  

Pleasing frame styling comprises chamfered outer frames and internal beads, with a 200mm sightline at the bottom, 174mm sightline at the top and 198mm at the door mullions, making our timber bifold doors substantially slimmer than other brands. The benefit of this classic styling is larger glass panels, more light and better views as you look through the closed doors.  We can even configure your new doors with the convenient traffic door, letting you use one panel like a regular door without having to fold the panel back every time.  Discreet magnets hold your door panels open when you enjoy the warmer weather and the outdoors.

Opening in or out, folding to the left or the right and with a choice of handle finishes and colours, your new bifold doors are beautifully built, precision-crafted, and hand-assembled.

Timber bifold doors specifications

High-end locking systems protect your home and possessions, including multiple locking points at the main doors and top and bottom deep-throw shootbolts to the intermediate panels. In addition, your new doors come tested to the latest security standards, providing peace of mind protection at the back of your home.

Saving money on your energy bills is a combination of solid wood profiles, with the benefit of natural insulation, combined with high-performance, insulated glass units comprising toughened safety glass, having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill.  U-Values comfortably meet Building Regulations.   Laminated glass for enhanced security and acoustic or solar control glazing is also available, further enhancing the performance and comfort of your new timber bifold doors.

Also meeting the requirements of current Building Regulations are neat and discreet trickle ventilators in the frame head.

View our range of bifold doors in the HBD St. Albans Showroom.

Our entire range of bifold doors in timber or other materials are perfect for any setting, and all sourced from the UK’s and Europe’s leading brands and manufacturers.  Every door is professionally fitted by us and comes with a quality guarantee. 


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