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We understand glass can play a big role in the temperature of your home, in turn impacting your requirements and the cost of heating and air conditioning. So the question of ‘What glass do I choose for my windows and doors’ comes up regularly. We would like to tell you a little more about efficiency,obscurity and condensation.

Solar gains during the summer months can raise the temperature inside your home. if you are looking to reduce this then solar controlled glass or coatings can help to reflect the suns radiation.

During the winter heat loss can be effected by a low-E coating on your glass. This Low-E is a standard when ordering triple or double glazing with HBD Systems. Low-E coatings were developed to reflect the far infra-red radiation generated by radiators and electrical equipment back into the room. By increasing the heat reflected back into your home the Low-E units will make your room almost 50% more energy efficient when comped to standard double glazing.

Along with a Low-E coating there is the possibility of external condensation. This happens when the temperature of the surface glass falls below the dew point where water vapour in the air condenses into droplets of liquid. Low-E glass prevents windows from radiating head out into the environment from your home. With this reduction of head loss the glazing is colder than standard double glazing would be, increasing the likelihood of condensation forming, especially in spring and autumn. This is a sign of how energy efficient your glazing actually is.

When it comes to thinking about different glass options for different rooms many peoples minds wonder to their bathroom, here you want to combine privacy and light. Pilkingtons range of decorative glass has 5 different Levels of obscurity. Each different pattern ranges from a Level 1 (the least obscurity) to Level 5 (the most obscurity). We are also able to offer Satin glass, also known as sandblasted for a contemporary option. When looking for your bathroom glass our clients would typically choose between Level 4, Level 5 and Satin options to gain maximum natural light while keeping your bathroom private. If you visit our showroom you can see these designs in person and which is best for you.


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