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We understand that every installation is different and that some customers would like to know a little more information about our installations.


Installing products or undertaking remedial works into existing buildings can highlight challenges with matching existing finishes.

HBD endeavors to match existing items as close as possible but can not guarantee a perfect match. This may be due to things such as weathering over the years or availability of products. Therefore we will match on a closest match basis e.g. specialist render finishes, pebble dash, brickwork mortar colour.

With repairs to plaster there is always the possibility of the repair line being visible once it has been painted. Please be aware there will be preparation required before decoration is carried out.

Please note we do not undertake any internal finishes such as painting, decorating, specialist wall coverings, tiles, timber flooring etc. 

Sign off

At the end of your installation our team will talk through the operation of your products with you and ensure you are confident in operating them, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask them – they are more than happy to help.

It is important that you are on site when your installation is completed as you will also be asked to inspect your products and sign the sign them off. 

Our installers will then give you the keys and an aftercare pack. You will be ready to go!

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