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Why Origin windows are top of their game

Considered by many to be one of the industry’s best manufactures, Origin Windows offer the highest quality and the very best in window technology.

The importance of choosing windows with care cannot be ignored. Not only do your windows help to determine the style and appearance of your home, but they make a massive difference in terms of your comfort levels, insulation, and energy bills. You want to make sure warmth doesn’t escape and as much warmth stays within your home as possible. We wanted to take a moment to tell you more about the industry’s leading Origin windows. Keep reading on as will reveal the different reasons why we believe in not only the product but the service too.

Origin leads the way when it comes to window innovation

As you have probably guessed, these windows have been constructed by Origin, but what you might not know is they are made right here in the UK! The Origin home range offers windows and doors are designed to perfectly complement one another. The Origin OW80 window offers the industry’s first and still the only window to be flush inside and outside!

A flush casement window’s opening sashes are in line with the frame giving a sleek finish with no frame protruding. For a number of years already, window designers have supplied a flush casement to the outside, but they were not able to do this on the interior as well. However, Origin has achieved this with the OW80 window.

We also want to mention Origin offer an OW70 window which is a slim framed window featuring Origins flush features, but in this instance only on the outside. This is just one example of how Origin is leading the way with their innovations and the windows they provide.

Other benefits associated with Origin windows

There are a lot of other benefits and advantages you can expect by making the switch to Origin windows. These windows are known for being ultra-secure, the OW80 features a high-security Yale lock which is secure by design certified. They are also championed for their outstanding weather performance, they have acquired the sought after severe weather rating. This is exactly what you want when you are looking for windows for your home. With excellent energy efficiency also comes great cost savings, so you can expect to notice a difference when it comes to your energy bills as well.

You also have a wide range of different configurations, colours, and finishes to select from. You will have no trouble finding the perfect style of window for your requirement, whether you are looking for something modern or rustic and authentic, Origin will have you covered.

So there you have it: some of the different reasons why Origin windows are deemed the best on the market today. As you can see, there is a lot to love about these windows, and so it is not difficult to see why they have gained such a remarkable reputation in the industry. Origin windows are considered individual and unique, and they come with many innovations and features. You can be sure that they will enhance the appearance of your property while also ensuring you have comfortable living arrangements and that your energy bills are kept as low as possible.

Visit our showroom and view both the OW80 and OW70 windows and see for yourself just how great they are.

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