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Project Details: Origin doors and windows in Hitchin Barn Conversion

In the picturesque countryside of Hitchin, Hertfordshire, a modern barn-style house built by by Poplar Construction, a construction company we enjoy a long-term relationship with, adding our range of windows and doors to a variety of their projects.  

This incredible home showcases how Origin doors and windows perfectly harmonise with the rustic barn and modern design while offering modern functionality, security and energy efficiency. The project also incorporated a Kloeber Funkyfront front door and a Sunflex SVG20 sliding door, enhancing the property’s overall appeal.

Origin Doors and Windows in Hitchin. Elevating Barn Living.

HBD Systems is a Platinum Origin Partner and a long-standing expert provider of this outstanding brand of aluminium windows and doors. 
Our installation of the entire range of Origin doors and windows in Hitchin to this luxurious barn and family home showcases how Origin’s design works in traditional and modern homes and is particularly suitable for barn projects.

Origin bifolding doors

The barn’s design aimed to connect indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly, and the solution lay in Origin’s versatile bifolding doors. These bespoke aluminium doors provide an uninterrupted view when open, blurring the boundary between the indoors and the natural surroundings.  The ability to customise the number of door sets and individual door dimensions ensured that the doors were tailored precisely to the space. 

Expertly made by Origin and professionally fitted by us, the Origin bifolds comprise three panel open-out designs, with the convenient traffic door configuration, enabling easy entry and exit without having to fold all the panels back each time.

Every Origin bifold comes with an 8-point locking system, the option of colour-matched seals and gaskets, dark grey architectural quality handles and the best folding-sliding gearing providing a light and smooth action when it’s time to open them fully and enjoy the outdoors.  This not only enhances the user experience but also highlights the quality and precision of the craftsmanship. With the flexibility to choose folding directions and sliding mechanisms, the Origin bifolding doors became a central feature of the barn, allowing the occupants to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Origin OW-80 Windows

The barn project also incorporated Origin OW-80 Windows in all manner of styles and designs.  Above the garden doors is a stunning apex window.  Elsewhere within this installation of Origin doors and windows are shaped fixed windows and a selection of opening outwards designs.

Origin’s  OW-80 windows are a sophisticated system, an ideal solution for this build. These windows perfectly complement the barn’s architecture and interior design, offering an elegant finish from inside and outside the home.

The premium-grade aluminium used for Origin Windows ensures strength, durability, and energy efficiency. With advanced design and extensive sealing, these impressive aluminium windows remain unaffected by weather conditions whilst providing outstanding security with the trusted Yale Encloser locking system that comes as standard.

Even better, the double flush casement design exclusive to OW-80 windows maximises natural light while maintaining a sleek and elegant profile.

A Kloeber Funkyfront front door was chosen to complete the project, enhancing the entrance’s distinct design and functionality. The Sunflex SVG20 sliding door was also integrated, adding versatility to the barn’s layout and enabling seamless access to outdoor spaces.

Glazing excellence with Origin doors and windows by HBD Systems.

This outstanding project, which we are proud to have been involved with, is a perfect example of how Origin doors and windows can elevate a barn-style house’s aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency. HBD Systems’ expertise as a platinum Origin partner also highlights the importance of using a professional and expert installer who provides the right windows and doors to meet our client’s vision for their homes.

The diverse HBD range of windows and doors allows any building project to have its glazing requirements provided by one supplier.  Our reliable lead times also help builders keep to the project schedule, working in partnership. After the installation, our After-Care service ensures the client feels reassured and safe.

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