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Crafted with a nod to the past, the HBD Timber Collection of Sliding Sash Windows, using cords and weights, is the archetypal sash window, with metal weights and pulley operation, just like the period sash windows. This outstanding sliding window in fine wood is popular in heritage builds, recreating the original way to slide the sashes, but equally at home in newly built homes built in a heritage style.

Crafted from fine wood, with modern manufacturing methods and premium quality materials, sliding sash windows with cords and weights replace your dated original box sash windows with a modern yet timeless replacement.

Despite their traditional operation mechanism, the cords and weights design blends old with new, is available in a range of sizes and designs and is ideal for Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian homes, offering the aesthetic appeal of classic window styles while ensuring they meet today’s security, weather protection and energy efficiency.

Crafted by experts, our premium timber sash windows with cords and weights, are built to last with reduced maintenance, quality paints and stains and modern high-performance glass units. The perfect combination of traditional aesthetics, modern security, and advanced design, for both conservation projects and contemporary homes seeking a classic touch.

Giving your home a period look with authentic design features, premium security and excellent energy efficiency, HBD Timber sliding sash windows provide a bespoke window solution with aesthetic appeal, quality and style, made from the finest woods and beautifully crafted. 

Timber sash windows are the purist’s choice, and there is no better window for period homes, houses initially built with timber windows, conservation areas and listed buildings.

Therefore, your new timber sliding sash is ideal for replacing your dated windows, especially in a Victorian or Edwardian house. You can also add classic style to a new build.

With completely bespoke timber windows, the HBD Timber Collection lets you custom-design your new sash windows.  From sizes to colour, hardware and even internal architrave options, special shapes and intricate designs.

Expertly made with excellent build quality, fit and finish, our trained installers professionally fit your new sliding sash windows and come with a quality guarantee.



Sliding sash windows – period style, 21st Century materials

Made by craftsmen, our timber sliding sash windows come with a solid timber core, mechanical joints, period styling and the putty line features of classic wood windows.  The spiral sash balance mechanism employs a contemporary method to hold the sliding sash in place, providing a smooth and light operation whilst holding the sash in the desired opening position. This system combines the traditional essence of timber window operation with modern materials and design benefits.

Meticulously crafted, professionally coated and built to last, the quality of our sash windows is first-class, enhancing your home with a premium timber window that is designed to last, with only the smallest amount of maintenance.  Thanks to the insulating properties of solid wood and combined with our high-specification glass units, these windows provide a warm-to-the-touch feel whilst keeping your home comfortable and helping reduce your energy bills.

The advanced coatings used to colour or stain your new windows use the latest technology.  As a result, modern timber windows offer substantial benefits over other materials.  The only maintenance required is periodic checking of the paint finish.  Modern paints and stains are significantly better than the originals, meaning timber windows are an excellent investment.

Sliding Sash Windows Specifications:

HBD Timber Sash Windows replicate fine joinery with similar dimensions, featuring 165mm deep outer frames, 56mm slimline sashes, and an internal face dimension of 105mm. With the latest design, your new sash windows are built to perform with exceptional sealing and weather protection.

As standard, our windows come with the latest generation glass units comprising a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars, and argon gas fill. Toughened glass is a standard feature for enhanced security, particularly in low-level windows. Windows comfortably meet Building Regulations for newly built homes or window replacements.

Choose from various wood options: Pine, known for its bright colour, durability, and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, is recommended for its traditional appearance and great value. Meranti, a premium, exotic hardwood, offers exceptional weather resistance. Windows made from Meranti are sturdy and provide excellent thermal and sound insulation. For a luxurious touch, Oak, a superior material from native broadleaved oak trees, is hard, highly durable, and resistant to wear and changes in moisture conditions.

Traditional sliding windows with Cords and Weights

The cords and weights mechanism uses the traditional method of holding the sliding sash open by counterbalancing the weight of the window with a metal bar attached to a durable chord that rolls over a pulley system. Opening and closing your new sash windows is easy with a solid and reliable feel, making the windows easy to open. The original timber window opening method, whilst taking advantage of modern materials and window design.  

Available in a range of popular sizes, these double-glazed Sash windows offer you security and key-lockable handles. They’re also highly energy efficient – keeping your home warmer in winter. A combination of quality weather seals, brushes and gaskets ensures optimum window sealing.

Protecting your home, our cords and weights sash windows come with durable wood, quality hardware and peace of mind security.  Lockable from the inside with fitch catches with an additional locking facility keeps your home safe. 


Sliding Sash Windows specifications

Perfectly replicating fine joinery, HBD Timber Sash Windows come with similar dimensions, with 165mm deep outer frames, 56mm slimline sashes and an internal face dimension of 155mm.

Glazed with 28mm units having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill.   Toughened glass is available for additional security and is standard with low-level windows. Obscure and patterned glass provides privacy in bathrooms and cloakrooms.  You can customise your windows and glass further with Georgian or Astragal bars and leaded units.

Available in a choice of woods, Pine has a bright, fresh colour, durability, excellent resistance to weather conditions and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. We recommend pine for its traditional look and excellent price point. Meranti is a more premium and exotic hardwood timber responsibly sourced and has an extremely high resistance to weather conditions. The windows made of this material are durable, very warm, and insulated. Oak is the best building material for opulence, derived from native broadleaved oak trees. Oak wood is hard, very durable and resistant to abrasion. It is characterised by high durability and resistance to changing moisture conditions.


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