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Project Details: Timber sash windows in St Albans

At HBD Systems, we’re not just passionate about providing high-quality glazing solutions; we’re also dedicated users of our products. This commitment is vividly illustrated in the installation of timber sash windows in St. Albans, part of the construction of our director’s new build Georgian-style home. Conceived from a long-held dream to design a home from the ground up, this project has exceeded all expectations, merging modern convenience with traditional elegance.  Even better, it demonstrates how the complete range of glazing solutions available from HBD Systems, blends traditional with contemporary perfectly.

The completion of our director’s Georgian style property in St. Albans is more than just a successful building project; it’s a showcase of our products’ potential to create homes that are as beautiful as they are functional.

The prominent installation of timber sash windows in St. Albans sets off the style of this house brilliantly, alongside the aluminium contemporary glazing.  At the front of the property, the central front door, low-set sash windows, and dormer windows in the roof embody the Georgian style’s elegance.

Go inside and you’re greeted by an elegant and visually appealing hallway, where an Origin OI-30 internal entrance screen creates a focal feature.  As well as setting the tone for the home, the steel-look internal doors, create a showpiece divider with the same meticulous attention to detail seen throughout the home.

At the rear of the property, the flat roof extension, with its three-panel Sunflex sliding doors and frameless glass rooflights, introduces a contemporary element, enhancing the property’s natural light and openness.

Timber Sash Windows in St. Albans – bringing a vision to life.

Our director’s home, spanning three levels, is a testament to the seamless integration of functionality and style. With an aim to create a living space that combines both modern and traditional, the choice of glazing is crucial in a house style such as this, complete with a contemporary extension at the back.

Most prominent are our latest generation Timber Sliding Sash Windows, Origin OI-30 Aluminium Steel-Look Internal Doors, and Sunflex SVG20 Aluminium Sliding Doors. Each element was selected for its aesthetic appeal, performance, and the ability to complement the architecture of a home such as this.

Timber Sliding Sash Windows: A Nod to the Past

Our Timber Collection of Sliding Sash Windows, takes inspiration from period sash windows, widely used in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes.

Crafted from fine wood and incorporating modern manufacturing techniques, these windows offer the aesthetic of classic window styles while ensuring modern-day security, weather protection, and energy efficiency. Ideal for conservation projects or contemporary homes seeking a traditional and warm touch, these luxurious timber sash windows in St. Albans are all bespoke made to order in a classic two-module design with an elegant single vertical astragal bar to each sash. 

Throughout the property, the timber windows come in a subtle matt white finish and with high-specification insulated glass units, obscure to bathrooms, chrome hardware and crafted just like fine joinery.

Origin OI-30 Aluminium Steel-Look Internal Doors: Elegance Meets Functionality

The Origin OI-30 internal doors in our director’s home exemplify the iconic steel look, blending industrial charm with Georgian elegance. These doors not only enhance the interior aesthetics but also improve the flow of natural light, creating a more spacious and welcoming environment. As a Platinum Origin partner, we take pride in the professional installation of these doors, ensuring a seamless addition to any space within the home.

The internal doors come in a variety of designs, comprising single doors, double doors and glazed screens. One of the best features of Origin internal doors is their ultra slim styling but optimum functionality.  These doors come with safety glass throughout for protection in everyday use.

Most noticeable are the invisible thresholds, creating no step and letting the flooring between the rooms run clear and uninterrupted.

Sunflex SVG20 Aluminium Sliding Doors: Contemporary Luxury

At the rear of the property, the Sunflex SVG20 sliding doors open up to the garden, offering unobstructed views and maximum light. The unique flush-stacking design and slim sightlines of these doors create a minimalist aesthetic that is both luxurious and functional.  Installed with precision by our team, these doors transform the extension into a bright, open space, harmonizing with the home’s overall design.

The doors come with the desirable flush track, safety glazing throughout, designer pull handles and the legendary Sunflex quality, with a light and near-silent sliding action.

Living the HBD Systems Brand: A Personal Testimony to Quality

Our director’s choice to use HBD Systems’ products in their own home is a powerful endorsement of our brand’s quality and reliability. It underscores our belief in our products’ ability to enhance any living space, combining aesthetic beauty with functionality and performance. This project exemplifies our commitment to excellence and our ability to fulfil the dreams of our clients, making their vision a tangible reality.

By choosing our Timber Sliding Sash Windows, Origin OI-30 Aluminium Steel-Look Internal Doors, and Sunflex SVG20 Aluminium Sliding Doors, we’ve demonstrated that traditional elegance and modern design can coexist harmoniously. This installation of timber sash windows in St. Albans with modern aluminium also demonstrates our product and installation expertise, first-class service, dedication to quality, and our passion for bringing our clients’ designs and homes to life.

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