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HBD Systems want you to feel safe, secure and confident in your products, this also includes knowing they are guaranteed and covered for the future.

There are a few different guarantees to think about…

Product Guarantee – Each of our manufacturers offer different guarantee periods, we are able to explain more about each of these whenever you would like.

Glass Guarantee – Glass as an industry standard has a 5 year guarantee, outside of this time we are able to change it for you but it may be chargeable.

Installation Guarantee – We offer a 10 year guarantee on parts and labour. This means if your door sticks or has a fault we will come and attend site for free!

However if there is a fault due to user error, for example a stone being kicked up by a lawnmower smashing a glass unit; this would be chargeable

No – Now all UPVC windows are colour fasted which means the colour is specially set so it does not degenerate.

We no longer supply or install UPVC bifold doors. When we first started to install bifold doors we did include them in our range but found due to large expansion issues that the material was not fit for purpose. All of our UPVC bifold doors had problems and were not easy to solve. We would defiantly recommend staying clear of UPVC bifold doors!

We have a number of ways to upgrade the security of our products. The main way would be to upgrade the locks/ barrel to a more secure/ anti bump/snap barrel, or to change the glass to laminate glass, this turns one of the weakest points of any glazing product into one of the strongest!

Yes – all of our windows meet insurance standards and we never install any products which are of lesser standard than you already have.

Yes!! If you don’t see what you are looking for please ask or let us know. There are so many fantastic products out there we are not able to show all of them on our website, but we are able to source majority of products.

Yes- our usual installations include your existing window boards staying in place. However if you would like to have new window boards we can include this in your price and have our installers change them when they fit your new windows or doors.

The largest sash width for our bifold doors is 1.2m which is dependent on the material, the overall frame size of the bifold door will be slightly larger than the amount of sashes multiplied by the sash width. We are able to make Aluminium doors anywhere from 1.6m to 9.6m and they can go up to 2.5m high!
We are able to quote oversized work if it meets the correct criteria on a special basis.

There are a lot of options when it comes to how your bifold doors will open. For example you can have them stack on the inside or the outside, have the all fold one way or split in the middle and go either way. If you have an idea of how you would like your doors to open why not drop us a quick message and we can talk through the options with you.

As with any external door, security is a high priority – bifold and sliding doors are no exception. All of the doors we supply and install come with multipoint locking systems, toughened glass and are internally beaded. The HBD Systems timber range can also be ordered as secured by design. With this in mind remember you can also upgrade your locks and glass if you would like added security.

99% of the doors that we install are fitted with a standard threshold. Being a rainy country we are have always wanted to ensure our customers have a weather tight finish. With a flush threshold there is no weather rating and, therefore no guarantee that the doors will meet building regulations. However the standard threshold can be sunk down to create an almost flush finish, here there is a small upstand for weather sealing. This meets all current building regulations and all disabled access requirements.

Colour are always a very personal choice and as such we want to be able to offer as much as possible. The doors are available in over 150 RAL colours as well as wood grained Aluminium finishes and wooden add ons. You can even have a different colour inside and outside if you can not decide!

The standard glass we price for in our bifold doors is low-e, Argon filled, warm edge spacer bar toughened double glazed units. This, as with all our other installations exceeds all building regulations and has a centre pane U-value of 1.1. You are able to upgrade to a variety of glass types such as laminate, laminate outside and toughened inside, it is your choice.

If your door is installed into a new build or extension a trickle vent is usually required to comply with building regulations. If we are installing into an existing opening there is usually no requirement for a vent, the rule currently stands that you cannot install anything which could be deemed as worse than was already installed, so if you did not already have a vent you do not need one.

The majority of our customers decide to have a vent in their doors or windows as it does not have a large effect on your products price and covers you on the safe side.

No. all of the doors we currently supply are bespoke made. Although watch this space!!

Of course you can! You can have whichever colour you would like. It has become the norm to have your bifold door a different colour as it is a standalone product just like your front door.

Yes it is. Slow-grown softwood from Scandinavian forests is very dense, hard and heavy. It is engineered to reduce twisting, this enables it to have a much longer life to ensure your door lasts and stays looking like the product you had on your installation day throughout the years.

The engineered timber bifold doors we supply are no more likely to warp, bow or twist than any other material type. They offer exceptional quality of material and fabrication, and have a very low percentage of product issues. Timber can last a lifetime if it is maintained properly, and our bifold doors are supplied with a product maintenance guide to ensure you can look after them for years to come.

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